Eccentric Pets-Post Your Stories

sylviatexas1October 30, 2009

Molly, a honey-color dog with almond-shaped brown eyes, part Lab & maybe part Collie, at least 50 pounds, & smart as a whip...

thinks she's a cat.

When I got her, she was about the size of a cat, & the dogs ignored her, so she played with the cats.

& now she....

sleeps on the bureau/dresser/whatever,

climbs the fence,

uses the litterbox.

What eccentricities have you noted in your pets?

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Had a quarter horse that thought he was a mule. Stubborn as a mule and every time he got out of the pasture, we found him at the neighbors fence---the neighbor had six mules.

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Molly is awesome!

I have a kitty who will only eat sour cream with her paw. Spends 15 minutes, carefully picking up a bit, and licking it off, and does so until the dish is clean. Easily 15 minutes, so very cute. She wont do it with wet food or water, just sour cream :)

Lisa, a giant orange female, does the weirdest thing - she jumps in the air and puts ALL four of her paws on the wall (vertically), and kicks off of it. We can never get her to do it for the camera though , she gets all shy.

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We feed our 115 pound Yellow Lab outside on the covered patio because her eating habits are so messy. She will not eat if we close the door and will wait at the door until it is unlatched and we walk away. She has to know that the door is slightly ajar and then she will relax and go eat. She likes to let herself in when she is finished.

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My orange tabby, Gus, had some cute habits- eccentric maybe? When he was young he would come up behind you (especially if you were standing at the sink doing dishes), jump up in the air, and without touching you otherwise, tap you on the shoulder with his paw. Then he would generally run off once he hit the ground. At that age, he would also jump up and allow me to catch him in my arms- like you see poodles do at the circus. He stopped doing those things when he was about 2 though.

Later in life he liked to bounce by wrapping his front paws on either side of a door casing and jumping as high as he could against the door casing. The bathroom where he especially loved to do this still has little nicks in the paint from his claws. He's been gone almost a year and I can't bring myself to repaint yet because those little nicks make me smile whenever I see them.

He also loved to roll around in the bathtub while singing (meowing) to himself. He would do full fledged somersaults in the tub and spent a lot of time in the tub- both playing and sleeping. He and I would sing "There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name, oh!" together. He would meow right in time to spelling out "B-I-N-G-O!" Thank goodness nobody ever taped us doing that!

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Oh my goodness, all or your memories bring tears to my eyes!! And I thought we were over-indulgent with our Labs!! We loved our boys and cherish their memories!

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The story about Molly is too funny!

I have a cat (a year old) that still thinks she is a kitten. If you use the word "big" as in there's my big kitty, she literally gets mad and yowls. Also if you tell her "no" she does the same thing. If you call her tiny or baby or little she purrs. I swear she understands English. She weighs almost ten pounds and she still plays like a kitten. She will jump litterally three feet in the air and do back flips. She can this for ten minutes straight when playing with a string.

I have a kitten out of a litter of five that I found, we call him Buddy. He plays fetch just like a dog. We did not teach him this. He figured it out for himself. He will grab one of his toy mice and bring it to you and drop it on your lap and wait for you to throw it. then he runs after it and picks it up and brings it back to you. He's been known to dot his for a half hour. If there is more than one person at home he will alternate who he gives the mouse to. He will bring it back to me a few times and then bring it to my fiance and then back to me etc. It is funny.

My grandmother used to have a cat named Moon that would jump on your shoulder. She gave no warning or anything. Would just be standing next to you and next thing you knew she was sitting on your shoulder. If you have long hair she would bury her face in your hair and purr.

My grandmother owned an antique shop and this cat jumped on many of her customers and startled them. If you tapped your shoulder and called her she would hop up there on command.
My two youngest girls love water and if you fill out a bowl of water they both like to make a mess with it and flip it over. My 5 yr old timid girl uses her paws to shake the bowl and watches the water splash out (she soaks herself in the process and doesn't care) and my year old "kitten" will pick up the edge of the bowl in her teeth and tip it over. She won't spill it all at once, she likes to do this four or five times before she empties the bowl. We put plastic bowls of water in the sink and bathtubs so they can do this.

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Great stories!

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My biggest cat, Bailey, thiks he's part dog. He immediately bonded with my rescue dog Lily when I brought her home ... the 2 of them are always sleeping togther.

When I take the dogs out for a walk, Bailey stands on his hind legs and pounds at the glass door that he wants to come out too. Though he really doesn't, just doesn't want to be left out. You can actually hear him pounding on the glass door from outside.

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Mine aren't too eccentric I guess. Only thing that might fit into that category is tail sucking - my orange tabby cat sucks his tail like a big baby every night before he falls asleep. In the morning he's got a saliva crusted little point on the end of his tail. He fluffs it up during the day and then repeats the routine the next night.

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Ethel baths Lily every morning after they eat their breakfast. She has done this since the first day we brought Lily home.

Ethel also does not give doggie kisses. Instead, she takes her paw and softly places it on your cheek.

Lucy won't go to bed at night until she is allowed to give a high five. We have no idea how that one started.

So far, Lily seems relatively normal. LOL

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I adopted a Burmese cat that loves to walk on a leash. She will walk - fast, like a dog - for blocks, occasionally stopping to "sniff and snoop". When she has had enough she turns around and walks home. The neighbors love her.

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My dog mocha ( I have 4 dogs in this house).. only steals THE LEFT SHOE. That's all.. never a right shoe - only the left one -- for the past 8 yrs of his life. What is up with that???

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Oh my animals are characters and it is amazing to see the different personalities each have.

I have 6 cats all are rescues.

I have one that steals pot holders and plays with them. I put them away in the drawer and she will pull the drawer open and steal the pot holders out and throw them up in the air chase them around, stalks them. It is so funny to watch her. She also takes her toys looks at me swats them under the stove or the fridge so I have to use a clothes hander and a flash light to fish them out. She knows too when I get the flash light and hanger because she cries and runs to where she stashed her toy.

Oh another thing she does. She growls when strangers come up to the house. The UPS man, friends she has never seen, Oil man. One time I was sitting in my livingroom and she started growling and running to different windows in my house going around to the back side of my house. I knew someone was out there because she never does this otherwise. When I went to the back french doors she had ran too growling there was a man there trying to pull on my doors, Thank goodness they were locked! He saw me and ran off and I called the police. The police couldn't believe that my cat had let me know he was there.

I have 2 cats that eat mashed potatoes with their paws like the earlier poster who has the cat that eats sour cream with his paw. They will not eat it any other way.

I am sure I can think of more things but my oven just dinged so I will write more later when I have some more time.

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Pippen absolutely loves the balled up hair from brushing her and the other cats. She'll carry her hairball around, put it in shoes, fish it out, then start over.

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Oh I thought of something else. When I listen to the radio alone I sing. When I sing one of my cats crawls up my leg if I am standing or comes running and sits in my lap purring and singing away with me. She can be clear across the house and dead asleep and if I start to sing she comes running. I have never figured out if I am hurting her ears and she is trying to get me to stop or if she just really enjoys my singing lol.

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As I posted on another forum, my 6-year old cocker spaniel, Tanner, has a form of OCD. If I leave his toys in a heap in his toy box, he has to "even them out" so they're in a single layer, fitting together like puzzle pieces. He also will take out 5 or 6 toys and put them on the floor in a straight line or 2 parallel lines of similar objects. Oh, and sometimes he sorts them by type--the stuffed animals on one side and the squeaky toys on the other. He barks to go out in a pattern we call his "aria" 8-10 triple barks followed by 6-8 doubles and a variable number of singles, until he runs out of air. Once he starts it, he has to finish. He's a rescue and we (trainer, vet, etc.) think maybe he's trying to work through some issues. It's entertaining though, and gives him something to do while I'm at work, or at night, while I'm sleeping.

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Molly, our rescued whippet mix, loves to watch animals on TV. She especially likes the Dog Whisperer. She will charge the screen and growl when dogs misbehave. When dogs behave, she turns away or just watches.

She watches any animal---birds, fish---whatever is on.

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Rosie, a 4 year old Weimaraner mix, loves Pepper, a big tabby & white cat who's about 10 years old.

Rosie grooms Pepper, doing that eating-corn-on-the-cob thing with her teeth, like she's picking fleas off him.

Sometimes it seems like she's getting too rowdy, & I push her away.

She'll stay away like I tell her, but she looks at Pepper with real longing.

& Pepper will walk over & butt her, jamming his head under her chin so she'll start grooming again.

works for them, but it looks a little bit like a dog eating a cat...

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I loved all your stories.

When I sing "You Light Up My Life" to my mini schnauzer, Fred, he puts his paw on my mouth to make me stop! :)

My cat, Rocket, when hungry, used to go to my dog, Murray, (now deceased) and lick his face. Murray hated this and would grumble and grumble, sometimes barking, but mostly grumbling. When I would finally look over and ask Rocket to stop, he would run in the kitchen and sit near the sink. Then I would know he was hungry. He has tried the same thing with Fred, but Fred doesn't mind getting his face washed. :)

Also my outside cat, Speckles, always comes down the street to meet me and my dogs when we are walking. She's come as many as 10 houses down. Then she turns and walks between the dogs all the way home. I used to call them my "mod squad". The neighbors have found it quite amusing.

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