Why are the drug companies screwing us?

michael_so_flOctober 19, 2011

I use Comfortis on my dog and she has been flea free for over a year. My vet wants $90 for 6 tablets where I can get it from overseas pet suppliers from anywhere from $60 to $70.Why can Canadian and Australian Cos. get American drugs cheaper than we can buy them here? They are a Lilly product, they are the exact same drug!!!!I'm upset over this, What can we do? We should be screaming.

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Because the US legal system has made things too expensive to do business here. Remember the ProHeart thing 10 years ago? They never had a problem in Australia and it's the same drug. The US is sue-happy so drug companies have to charge more to make the same profit after lawsuits.

We screwed ourselves.

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It's crazy. I get my Frontline from Canada. Way cheaper.

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So your vet is stocking it as a courtesy with no markup? Not likely. Or if no markup it's covered in the price of your office visits. Either way it's economics. Every business has to make money and the more resellers and overhead in the chain the higher the price to the consumer. If you can get it more inexpensively overseas and the additional shipping still makes it less expensive, that's the best way for you to buy.

Lily, have you checked Entirely Pets for Frontline? Shipping is always free and if you use the 15% discounts they have every few months can't beat the price for Frontline from Entirely Pets.

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Yeah Canadians don't bring about costly yet frivolous lawsuits the way Americans do. So cheaper to do business there.

All vets mark up products by about the same. Drug companies give wholesalers big discounts. If I buy 20 doses of Frontline per month and PetMedsExpress buys 2 million doses, who do you think is going to get the better price?

The sellers from Australia and Canada are not individual vets- they are wholesalers who buy in bulk. That's another reason they are cheaper.

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