No back flow preventer costing us money?

lovemyfruitJuly 8, 2014

We are in a rural water district and have been using 5-6000 cubic feet of water per month despite having our landscaping irrigation turned off. We have a pool and a family of 6, but still using way more water than we should. We live on a hill and have a pressure tank/pump. When we're not using water, our meter shows back flow, which isn't too surprising considering that our meter is 200 ft below us and 1/4 mi away and we don't have a valve. I spoke with someone at the water district who told us that we were being charged for the water that goes through the meter to our house, but we're not credited for water that flows backwards through the meter. Does this sound correct? Crazy? I just can't believe that they can charge us 2 and 3 times for the same water.

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5-6000 cf of water is a lot of water!
I don't entirely understand how you can be running water backwards through the meter - that's a big problem!

The problem isn't just that you are being billed for water excessively, but that you could possibly be contaminating the public water system.

At the very least you need to install a check valve. They aren't expensive. The check valve will prevent water from flowing backwards.

I think you really need to get your setup inspected. You shouldn't ever be in the position of water backflowing into the public water system.

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You have a well pump and a pressure tank AND you are connected to city water?

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If your water is supplied by a water system there should be a check valve in the meter to prevent cross-contamination and. That has been code for quite a while.

Call your water authority ans speak to someone who has more knowledge about their system.

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Yes. Cross contamination is a very bad thing.

You need to install a rpz style backflow preventer and a shutoff valve on your side of the water meter. I'm surprised they have let you get away without it.

The water service I used to work for installed backflows on the meter and charged the customer for the actual cost of the materials. Some other systems require the customer to hire a certified plumber to do the work and use the specified styled backflow.

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