Help with the granite edge

lionkittyMarch 19, 2013

Hi everyone, I will upgrade the countertop to granite, any suggestion with the edge style? any input will be great, thanks.

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Ummmmmmm your question is a bit vague. I assume the photo you posted is what your cabinets look like, but what does the rest of your kitchen look like? What is your style? Its hard to give advice if you don't give us anything to work with.

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I have the exact same cabinets and I'm going with a crescent edge.

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Teachertile- Perhaps it would be more helpful if you told the original poster why you selected a crescent edge? I am guessing more went into your decision than your particular cabinetry.

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Thank you and sorry for not providing enough information.

Yes, the picture I posted is the style of our kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen applicances are all stainless steel. We picked Sandal Wood Gold granite for the kitchen countertop. We didn't put moldings since we prefer morden and clean line. But the simplest cabinets style (shown as picture) builder provided is Avolon, not Shaker. Also our kitchen is connected to living room which has a stone fireplace with fancy moldings (again, not contemporary at all,I'll upload picture later). We are thinking of 5/8 bevel since it's kind of in between modern and tranditional, or anyone has better suggestions? And any advice for backsplash tile? Thanks.

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Here is the photo of fireplace. Should I choose backsplsh tiles match with it since they are in the same area? BTW, our cabinets are dark, they call sarsaprella, which I think is dark espresso. And we have dark hardwood floor.

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I selected the crescent edge because I wanted something a little softer than the pencil edge, but not as fancy as the ogee. I also don't like the bullnose because it takes too much of the edge away and makes the granite appear thinner. I thought the crescent edge was good choice for my comfortable, very used kitchen.

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