Sealing marble - How to DIY

gwloloMarch 12, 2013

We just had honed marble counters installed in the bathroom. I think the fabricator sealed it once but I seem to have read here that some of you have sealed it several times. Is this something an average person can DIY? Can someone teach me how? I would like to do this before we move in. Also how often does it need to be redone.

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Debbi Branka

You just wipe it on and let it dry. My fabricator left me a new bottle of 511. It has instructions on the bottle, but that's what you do. Wait a couple hours (at least) in between sealings. When water beads on your marble, it is sealed.

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I think I remember reading somewhere on GW that you also DON'T want to over seal it. A 2nd coat would be recommended but I don't think it's necessarily good to do too many. You should the wait a year or two before doing it again. I'm not a professional but check on that : )

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Read the instructions on the bottle. I used Miracle 511 on my honed marble (mine is New St.Laurent, a less porous variety), but I've read that the Porous Plus is recommended for honed. You can find videos on Youtube--type in Miracle 511, or 'sealing marble.'

FAQS Applying Miracle 511

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQS Miracle sealants

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Stone Tech is another good sealer for marble. I'd try to find out which one they used (hope it was one of those two) and use the same one. It is very easy and basically the same process with either one.

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