Installing a Pull Chain/High Tank Toilet

stelmoqnJuly 7, 2011

As part of the period feel we wanted for our basement bathroom, I purchased a pull chain toilet from Renovator's Supply. Yesterday when our contractor's plumber came out to install it, he started mumbling about it being a piece of junk and that he was going to have to do modifications to get it to work.

Renovator's Supply has been selling these for years, and I can't imagine they would continue to sell if they were "junk". I've been in contact with another homeowner in another state would bought one and had the same problem with his first plumber, fired him, and then the second plumber came in and installed it with no issues.

Has anyone bought and installed a pull chain toilet from Renovator's Supply? If so, please share your installation experience.

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I have installed a number of those type of toilets, in fact, I have a specialty catalog from a company in W.Pa that makes a full line of vintage reproductions and they offer two or three different wall mounted high tank toilets with Oak wood tanks. They also offer a number of different finishes on the piping. Chorme, Brushed Chrome, Copper, Polished Brass and Gold. Of course those toilets are a bit pricy at $1,000 to $1,500 each, but if your doing a museum quality historic renovation they are perfect.

The only thing different is the bowl only has one hole for the water to enter, the same as a commercial bowl for a flushometer and it does not have the two side holes where the tank to bowl bolts normally go.

To connect the water fill pipe from the tank to the bowl you have to have a "Spud Wrench" and no how to make a spud connection, but other than that, the installation is the same.

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Lazypup - we're planning to install a âÂÂlow tankâ tank in our NYC condo (low tank being a wall tank that sits on the wall about 9-10â above the bowl spud).

Our challenge is that our condo requires rear discharge / rear outlet bowls - and the tank supplier doesn't have those kind of bowls.

I looked around, and saw that there are rear discharge bowls made by Kohler for connecting to flushometer fixtures that can be bought without the flushometer fixtures - and which have a top spud already affixed to the bowl (see attached). I'm wondering if you think this would work - or is there something about a bowl designed to connect to a flushometer fixture that would prevent it from working with a tank? The Kohler model attached is a siphon style bowl.

The only web post I've seen on this said that a flushometer bowl ought to work with a high tank - as the 5 foot drop builds up nice force. Of course, our low tank wouldn't have as much force.

The only other option is to buy a regular two-piece rear discharge toilet, remove the tank, and install a spud in the inlet hole at the top of bowl - except that I havenâÂÂt quite figured out how to install a spud in a bowl that doesn't come with one.

I'd be grateful for any thoughts you have.

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Sadly, lazypup passed away recently. Hopefully someone else will be able to answer your question. Generally, you will get more response if you start a new thread rather than resurrect an old one. Best of luck!

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