bathtb drain style always clogging..

jojodwolfJuly 3, 2013

This is the type of drain that has a manual pop-up stopper. As you can see nothing prevents hair from going down and because of the crisscross hair gets hung up. No tools except a bent hanger can get though this and get back out... I tried a screen insert but that too was a pain cause it needed constant cleaning. What are my options for a do it yourself-er ? How easy would it be to swap it out and just use a rubber plug ?

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I can't help you on other options, but I will help you on how to keep the drain clean.

You need a wet/dry vac, and a wet cloth.

Fill the trap with water, wet a cloth (must be wet), cover the overflow with the wet cloth, suction the trap. Repeat several times making sure you refill the trap with water and make sure you cover the overflow with the wet cloth, this keep the vac from sucking air.

I think you will be surprised on how well this works. I go through the house once a year and suction the drains in the vanities etc, whether they need it or not.

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Get a set of long nosed needle nose pliers or long tweezers. give a set to each of the long haired people in the family and give each an opportunity to clean the drain. I can say this because I shave my head. When my girls were home it was always my job, but I encourage you to share the load;)

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How was it installed? I'm thinking a screw, or something, is causing it to stay in place. If you can locate the screw, then you can unscrew and have better access to cleaning or replace it.

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There is not a screw, it's one complete assembly so don't bother looking. It's working the way it should so even changing the entire assembly will not solve the hair in the drain problem.

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stash-hdy.. If I were to get the tool that is used to unscrew the drain.. couldn't I just replace it with another that does not have the criss cross pattern ?

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That's a good drain to have, so leave it.

Here are some DIY options.

They make a shallow strainer that drops in. Check your local old fashioned hardware store for it (there are a couple sizes). The big box store probably won't have it. That will take care of most of it, making it easy to remove the hair. Grab any hair that collects on that "crosshair" with tweezers or needle nose pliers.

Next, get a "zip-it" to remove hair past it. Sold at hardware & big box.

Also, invest in a 1/4" drain auger for the once/year snaking. Usually you remove the "overflow" and enter from there. (Be sure to cover the drain with a rag so you don't drop the screw down the drain.)

That's about it. Good luck. (I do the same as I described..for three individuals with long hair.)

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The zip-it that I bought won't even fit through this drain..

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Ok, so forget the zip-it. Buy the strainer. The hardest part will be finding the right size, but it's worth it. The one you want will be only about 1/2" deep.

Mine looks like the one in the link. Not sure about the size.

Here is a link that might be useful: strainer cup

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