loose kitchen faucet

ginny20July 6, 2012

My Moen single handle pull-down, installed 9/11, has come loose where it meets the counter and the whole thing swings around when you move the handle. I wrote Moen, and they said this can sometimes happen and we can just tighten it. So my DH did, which wasn't easy. He needed to use pliers because you really can't get a wrench up there perpendicular to the fitting. A month later, it's loose again. He tightened it again, although it's still not entirely tight now. He commented that maybe there was supposed to be a locking washer or nut or something (sorry, I don't know much, when I was in school girls only got to take home ec). Anyway, is this common? Is there a special 90 degree angled wrench you can use to tighten it? Should I contact the guy who put it in or just get another plumber to come look at it?


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What you need is a tool called a "Basin Wrench"

You can find a basin wrench in the Plumbing section of any hardware store or home supply like lowes or home depot.

A professional basin wrench has a telescoping handle and sells for about $35 but that would be major overkill for the average homeowner....

They make a homeowner grade that usually has a red handle for about $12 to $15 and it should last a lifetime in the home.

They are very easy to use, but sort of difficult to explain in words....I would suggest you go to a real hardware store where you will get a clerk who actually knows what they are talking about and they can explain it in a minute or less.

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That's it! Thanks, lazypup! I googled basin wrench and I can see how it is exactly what we need to do this. I prefer patronizing my local hardware store anyway, so I'll check there.

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