Using Shower/Tub handle for Shower/Hand held

dekeoboeJuly 13, 2011

This Danze handle (D500458T)

is supposed to be used with this valve (D113000BT)

so you can switch between the shower and the tub. Can this same handle and valve be used so you can switch between the shower and the hand held shower? I know you would normally have a handle and then a separate diverter, but that requires two handles and two valves and is, therefore, a more expensive set-up. This way the only thing I would have to worry about is that the escutcheon has the words "shower" and "tub" on it.

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Do you mean to say that you will have a handheld instead of a tub spout? If so, yes. It can be used to divert to either (but not both).

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the flow to the tub is a lot more than the flow to the shower. A tub takes a high flow. SO you have to call Danze and ask about this. The flow going to the shower and the handshower are not high flows. This is a big thing. It might be critical and serious. My opinion.

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Yes, we would have a hand held instead of a tub spout. Today I found the Danze Custom Shower System Design Guide states the "D113000BT valve with trim allows for supplied water to be diverted to either a single tub filler or additional shower components".

I can call Danze and ask if a hand held shower qualifies as an "additional shower component" although I don't know why it wouldn't.

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I was able to get through to the Danze customer service people and it can be used for a fixed shower head and a hand held shower.

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