kitchen cabinet hinge repair

sophie999March 22, 2013


I am new to the forum. I hope this is the right place to find some answers.

My kitchen cabinet door hinge just broke, and I was not able to figure out how to repair it. Could not fine any info on the web.

I attached the picture of the hinge (intact one).
There are two steel plates in the center on the left (door) side of the hinge (back to back, one behind the other, held in place by the vertical rod). I presume they help the door close, acting as springs. Yesterday, they fell out. I am not sure how to put them back together. Nothing seems broken. They are VERY hard to bend, even with pliers.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I could not even find those hinges on the web.




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Can't see a photo. Maybe you previewed your message, made a correction and forgot to reattach it? If you don't select the photo every time you change something, it goes away.

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You are right. I edited the message but did not reattach the photo. Here it is. Thanks so much.

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Looks like one make or another of 'standard' European 'cup' hinge.

What brand marking are on it?

If it is a leer manufacturer you may be able to get an exact replacement (at least for fit).

Smaller companies com ad go so often you may have to start measuring the hinge ad the mounting holes (size and pattern) and looking at spec sheets from the larger manufacturers.

Replacement parts are not normally all that available.
It would cost as much in handling as a whole hinge.

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You might have luck here:
Their website is under construction. Maybe you can email them a few photos. Is there any way to identify the cabinet manufacturer ?

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