Gluing pvc - what a mess

kashka_katJuly 26, 2013

Well my first attempt ended badly. I slopped purple primer all down the inside of the pipe and I didnt know if the primer was supposed to be dry or wet when the cement was applied (didnt say in the instructions). I waited a little bit but when I applied the clear cement, a lot of the purple smeared where it wasnt dry yet.. Is that joint going to hold?

This is for my fish pond filter - pipe for water exiting back into the pond -and it would be disastrous it gave out. Also is that purple stuff inside the pipe going to leach out and poison my fish? Or let me rephrase that - if it was drinking water flowing through there would you consider the water safe to drink. Hopefully I'm just being paranoid but thought I would check it out with you all

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The purple primer is in all pvc pipes installed for drinking water so you have nothing to worry about as long as you alow everything to dry as directed on can before putting water through it.
More is not better with primer or cement so don't "slop".
The primer doesn't have to be dry as long as it sits on the joint for several secounds.
The primer is being redesolved by the cement so no problem with that.

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