Is it time to call a plumber?

Fun2BHereJuly 31, 2013

First, let me thank any who respond in advance for your advice. I've been living in my current 20+ year old home for about five years. All of a sudden, I'm having trouble with the toilets getting clogged. Usually, I am able to plunge them and get them to flush, but I did have to DIY snake one of them. I'm wondering, though, since the frequency of clogs seems to be increasing, if I have a blockage further into the system than my DIY snake reaches. Does it sound like I should go to the expense to have a plumber survey the system?

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Are the toilets back to back?
When one cloggs,do both clogg?
Do you have a little one who is fasinated by the water in the bowl?

After you finish the diy snake/plunge , flush 3 times,allowing tank to fill and cut off between flushes. Did it flush normal each time? If yes,put a large wad of toilet paper in and flush. Flush well? Flush another wad of paper. Flush well? If it flushed normal until paper was put in it then backed up,go emediatly and flush the other toilet (which was ok before starting this test) 2 times. If the secound toilet flushed normal while the first is backing up,there is a good chance a toy,hair curler,small bottle or other object is lodged in the toilet and snags paper creating blockage. If the secound was also clogged,your problem is in the pipe as you suggested and will require a professional.

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When you never had problems before - why let this situation go? Usually things do not heal themselves.

It's better to schedule a plumber to diagnose this, when it's not an emergency.

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One problem with DIY snaking is that you can punch your way through a soft clog without completely dislodging it, thus it will tend to reclog quickly.
Using a motorized rotary snake, and running it several times through any area where resistance is felt, you can more effectively clear the clog.

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To answer some of the questions posed:
None of the toilets are back to back, but two are are on the same floor and the other is on an upper floor. The one that clogs most often is on the bottom floor. There are no small children present.

A follow-up question:
Other than scratching the porcelain, can I do any damage using a non-motorized snake?

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No other damage is likly while useing a closet auger.

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