Water backing up in basement floor drain...Help!

Mcollins1056July 23, 2011

After refinishing my basement, the floor drain beneath my new laminate floor is ruined. Everytime someone takes a shower, the water backs up through the floor drain in the basement. The septic has ben pumped, and I had a plumber snake out the lines fromn the bathrooms, to the main line. The tubs drained good then, but water still backed up in the basement. I took the grate off the floor drain, and plugged the drain pipe. Now the tubs are running slow again. But the water in the basement is plugged from coming in. I climbedthe roof and sighted down the vent pipe with a flashlight. There are no blockages, but i can see water at the very bottom, maybe that's normal. Any advice?

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When looking down that vent you should not see any water. If you see water at the base of that vent you have a clogged line.

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The plumber did not snake it out good enough, call him back. Maybe a little late, but never use laminate in a bathroom or area with a drain, kitchens included.

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