Cabico cabinets-thoughts?

kmmhMarch 11, 2013

It's hard to find information about them, there are a few posts, but fairly old. Any one with recent reviews and/or thoughts?

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My friend just did her kitchen with Cabico cabinets (maple) in a butter-pecan-type colour. They are beautiful. We looked at them for ourselves (local kitchen company) but my husband thought they were too pricey. After doing some looking around, I think the price was actually fairly reasonable . . . I don't think my husband wants to accept how much cabinets can cost.

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I have Cabico cabinets. They were installed about 18 months ago. Most of my base cabinets are drawers and we have had a few issues with the drawer slides. They do not use Blum slides and I do not know what brand they are.

They are nice soft close drawers but the problem we have had is the slides become loose. it always seems to be the screw closest to the front of the cabinet that becomes loose. This causes the slide to pull away from the cabinet and the hardware starts to rub on the drawer box. We have quite a few drawer boxes with shallow linear gouges in them from the friction of the slides rubbing on the same place on the drawer. Just this weekend we had to take two drawers out and tighten the slide screws. My DH has put a few more screws into the slide to see if that helps. I sent an email to the Cabico rep last week asking them to send someone out to see what the problem is. The drawer slides are rated to 70lbs but this is not the problem as the drawers are not overloaded.

Aside from this problem, the cabinets are beautiful and well made. I think there is an issue though with the drawer hardware though. A couple of the drawer faces were damaged during delivery and they were quick to respond and send replacements.

Anyone have an idea about the drawer slides? There are 3 screws per slide - should there be more?

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Whoa, muskokascp. I'd consider the drawer slide problem a major issue, not one I'd buy into if I were in the market. You might consider having someone in to replace all your drawer slides with quality materials. Sucks, I know, but what you're describing just wouldn't be acceptable long term.

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muskokascp: Which Cabico line of cabinets do you have - Espresso or Cuisine? Mine are Cuisine - installed a year before yours and they have the Blum slides.

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Not Blum is new to me but it's been a few years since I dealt with them. Be a shame if they went to the dark side and started with the chinese glides.

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Muskokascp--What material are your base cabinet boxes constructed of?

The problem with the loosening drawer slide screws could be either the material the cabinet sides are made of (particle board?) or the length & size of the screws.

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I've had my cherry Cabico cabinets since '10. We're hard on our cabinets and we have a few gouges but you don't notice unless you look closely. I wanted decent cabinets that didn't break the bank. For the same layout this was the cost comparison for me.

Imperia no hood $24,903.00
Medallion gold Rushmore; $21,251
Plain & Fancy cherry $22,160
Cabico $17,900
Crown Point $24,400 plus $3k for hood
Brookhaven 25,524.17
Schuler Lowes Verona $20,292
Schuler Lowes Princeton $17,797

We don't have any problems with slides. We have all our every day dishes (14 plates, 10-12 bowls - 2 types, 14 small plates, 12 even smaller plates plus additional glass bowls in one drawer. No problems.

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Lisapoi-Thanks, we are actually looking at them because are one of the lower quotes we received. Good luck with finding the right cabinets.

Muskokascp- That stinks! I hope you get some resolution to your issues. Is Cabico sending a rep out?

Skitdel - Have you been happy with your cabinets?

Suzannesl - I feel like cabico should fix muskokascp's problem.

Boston Pam - I am finding similar pricing to you. Overall, it sounds like you are happy with your cabinets. Would you agree?

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I'm so sorry. After reading about the drawer glide issue I forgot to answer the original question!

I'm very happy with my cabinets. We're actually at the beginning of the process to order more Cabico for a small cabinet run in our dining area.

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Our cabinets are from the Cuisine line but I asked our KD last year (after install) if they were Blum slides and she said no so now I am not sure. I suppose if I removed a glide there should be a Blum stamp on it somewhere? The base cabinets are plywood.

skitdel and bostonpam - can you look at your glides and tell me if they are attached to your cabinet sides or on the back of the cabinet box. Also - how many screws are in each glide?

The issue is not resolved yet but talks are just starting with the rep. The suggestion was the screws are stripped - how would this happen with normal use of a drawer?

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I have a scooped out drawer under the cooktop, so it's fairly easy to see the glides - which are stamped "Blum tandem plus blumotion". They are attached to the cabinet sides (along the bottom of the drawer) with 3 screws in each glide - one front, mid and back.

Screws are stripped when they are "over tightened" either during install or later maintenance, not from normal wear. Hopefully the rep will take care of the issue for you, so you can enjoy your new cabinets again.

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Thanks for getting back to me skitdel!. Glad to hear you are happy with your cabinets.

Muskokascp- Good luck getting this issue resolved! Let us know how things turn out!

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My glides are installed like skitdel with 3 screws to the sides of the cabinet box and under the drawer. I can't see the Blum stamp but my order does say full extension undermount blum glides. I'm happy with my cabinets.

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Look at your drawer box from underneath.
Are there orange plastic locks at the front of the box?
If they are not orange, they are not blum.
This number (21") should be stamped at the rear of the slide...562h5330b.
There are two types of fasteners, a 5mm euro barrel screw ( surprised a factory line doesn't use these) and a #7 5/8" wood screw. If the cabinet is pb then you will never get a worn screw hole to reaccept the screw. If the cab is frameless, just pepper the screw holes with extra screws. If its a face frame cab then you will have to add blocking behind the face face. Get the rep to organize this.

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PB should only use euro screws
If not orange not Blum is true BUT there are chinese that use an orange too. Green -Mepla Grass are also good, some versions even better IMO

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Agreed, but if she has pb, what can she do? Bore 5mm holes?
Dont use chinese materials so I wouldnt know.

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Well if it's Chinese PB then ... I don't mind PB so long as it is domestic or Canadian, (don't want the Mexican or Chinese). Actually prefer it on frameless when done right.

If Blum glides on a frameless cabinet, then you have 12 holes on each side to pick from. Doubt they used more than one.
Pick a hole, find center and drill with either
-a bit for the 5mm screw.
If you can't find a metric bit, figure out the decimal equivalent, go to a real hardware store or industrial supply and get a number bit (don't remember the correct number might be a 7?, in my kit, and don't remember what the number series is called) you do not want a fractional bit (i.e 3/16" or the like) it will be off by too much.
Install with Euros Screw- You will want a PosiDrive screwdriver and bit- looks like Phillips but it is NOT. Install with a screw gun ON LOW speed. Don't tighten all the way, finish with you nice new posidrive screwdriver.
Keep the screw driver handy for when you need to adjust doors- those are also posi drive screws.

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There is a quick and dirty way to do this....
Get a wooden match stick , dab a bit of yellow glue on the end and jam it into the worn out hole ( you may need two sticks ), snap off ends that protrude. Wait for an hour and screw into the glued in match stick. The stick will break apart and squeeze outward into the hole, filling it and cushioning the screw.

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My glides are stamped King Slides and my cabinet boxes are plywood. Still working with KD and rep to see what the issue is.

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My husband and I have decided on Cabico Expresso cabinets. The style door is Monaco, Cherry wood in the color Jamaica. We definitely want a glaze over the stain. Has anyone seen this door glazed? I am wondering if the color Jamaica might be too dark for glaze?

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I have Cabico cabinets in two homes. One set is a cappuccino finish and the other is natural maple. The cappuccino finish has not held up. It has worn around the handles and has lifted and peeled with contact with small amounts of water. We are also disappointed with the internal hardware. No issues with drawers but the corner cabinets are fragile and need constant adjusting. We don't have children so they haven't been subject to heavy use and abuse but we are ready to sell our house and the cabinets are a big draw back.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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