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a2geminiMarch 24, 2013

I was having some fun this morning using my new bacon racks from Lee Valley and took a few pictures.

My bake zone area with the iPad stand just inside the cabinet. The stand is adjustable and not permanent - I just balance it so it can't fall. I covered the iPad with plastic wrap - I tried a zip lock the last time but was really too thick.

A side view of the iPad stand - The stand is from B3 and is a Merkury stand - it was onlly $14.95 and was able to use a $5 coupon :-)

Nothing shakin' like the bacon - lined up on the Lee Valley insert with foil underneath

Ready for the oven - 400 degrees convection for 20 minutes.

20 minutes later - all done - think I will go 375 next time - DH loves it crispy but the edges are crispier than the centers

Speed oven heating the plates and maple syrup - warm and yummy

Wouldn't be breakfast without the pancakes - I froze the blueberries last summer - usually, I just use frozen but had defrosted some yesterday and used the leftovers

Pancakes are just about ready - my new "island" works great!

Round 2 of bacon - I didn't want to try a double layer - but this time I used by CIA cookie sheets and parchment paper under the bacon instead of foil - no leaking underneath
Cleanup is a snap - either wipe up the oil and toss the foil/paper or allow it to cool and then just roll it all up! Toss the cooling racks into the DW and all done!

Hope I didn't make anyone too hungry (we really don't each much meat but once in awhile, I will make bacon)

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Eating my bacon right now!! My Lee Valley racks came recently, but I can't get DH, the weekend breakfast maker, to try them out.

I use my ipad in the kitchen all the stinkin' time and have yet to wrap it in plastic. I read the ziploc trick and wondered about the thickness issue. I'm sure one day I'll have a spill or a rogue chunk of raw chicken will land on the ipad and I'll curse myself for not covering it, but I usually have too much going on in the kitchen to think to protect it.

Breakfast looks good!!

P.s. I still remember your blueberry pancake pics. :)

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Pancake pic ??? :) Looks wonderful and you are a whiz to have an ipad there and on a rack too LOL ! What time is dinner ? c

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Mmmmmm, bacon. Looks delish!!!

I've never seen that iPad stand before, love it, have to get. I use my ipad in the kitchen all the time too and never cover it either ... living on the wild side here like breezy, lol.

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Yum! That looks great for this snowy day here. I love to do bacon in the oven. Clean up is so much easier.

Thanks for sharing this. You take good pics. I'm learning to use my Christmas iPad in the kitchen (Pepperplate app). It is so convenient. So much to learn! Love your iPad stand.

Those bacon racks look like a dandy investment!

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Very cool. I cook my bacon in the oven too. I use foil and cookie sheets. Had never considered parchment paper.

How do I adjust my settings to keep my ipad from changing if I am looking at a recipe?


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I also have those Lee Valley racks and they are great. Bacon in the oven is way less messy than stuff fried (especially when its the kids doing the job!)

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Breezy - thanks - I think you are referring to my blueberry pancakes in the middle of the remodel - upper cabs ripped out but I still had a stove.
Maybe if you show him the pictures he will try the racks - I did figure out that you don't need the Lee Valley - they were so back ordered and I was having a big brunch - so I used my CIA (Culinary Arts of America) racks and just put one upside down on top - they worked fine also.
Breezy - I do have to check your ABB post to see your progress....

Trailrunner - you are such an inspiration with your bread and other delightful dishes - I made my first loaf of bread in years - it was decent but I cheated - I used my old bread machine so nothing like yours - I have to dig up your old posts. Dinner 6:30 - Chicken with a peach coulis sauce from peaches I froze last summer.

Redlover - Go to settings and change display setting to either 15 minutes or not to go off - my DH stole the iPad so I can't look up the exact names - but if you get into settings - you should see it.
Also, I tried foil twice and both times had a little bit of grease under the foil - I think thicker and wider foil would help. I did "freezer" fold the foil, but somehow grease escaped...
I did not have any escaping either time I tried the parchment paper - not sure which is best.

Tea4all - my kid brother would like that handle as he imports tea from Japan. I heard there was snow out there - blame it on my dad - he is talking to us - we always had snow around his birthday - he would have been 89 on March 21. He sent us a bit of snow to talk to me but then is blasting you.. Please forgive him :-)
I will have to check out the app - right now, I just use my Dropbox and have my favorite recipes in there.

Breezy and Taggie - you definitely are living on the wild side - My OCD DH and I share the iPad, so I have to keep it neat or he will reject it - Wait - maybe I should try that trick!

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>Go to settings and change display setting to either 15 minutes or not to go off - my DH stole the iPad so I can't look up the exact names


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a2...you are a sweet one !! We have been in VA with kids for 2 weeks. I brought bread and rolls and granola and bagels..all gone !! We are moving up here this Summer and I will post pics of the kitchen in the cottage..will be a challenge to bake :) c

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The only thing that shakes my vegetarian resolve is photos of bacon. Yum!! Your kitchen and the new island look great!

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Justmakeit - we are quasi vegetarians - we eat several veggie meals each week but can't quite go full time.

Trail - cant wait to see pictures. I assume this is a summer cabin and you return to your wonderful kitchen during the rest of the year?

Writerblock - thanks for helping with my memory lock :-)

I think my post spurred a few other iPad posts on apps and which iPad.

I hope to get my own (maybe a mini for travel) by the end of the year.

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A2, yum! Love that bacon!

I replaced an old food processor this month too (not just the VM), and made hash browns with the new cuisinart, cooking them up in our nicely seasoned steel carbon pan with very little oil - on the induction cooktop. Very nice.

I too am enjoying the spurt of ipad posts. 64 here, and 3/4 full, but I think that's due to all the GW pics I'm collecting. :-) (and work related to...).

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a2..You are blessed to have a brother who imports tea from Japan. Oh the bliss of it! :)

I discovered good loose tea about 12 years ago and was hooked! (Never was a coffee drinker.) Tea =s a tranquil atmosphere of days gone by. I share the joys of tea with as many friends and relatives as possible. Hence my handle.

Your dad must be smiling with all our snow. ;-) I'm glad snow in March brings good memories to you.

Does Dropbox work with photos as well as recipes, etc.?
I know nothing about it. I'm a slow iPad learner.

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Tea - You can use dropbox for just about anything. Pictures, files, recipes, etc - I store my photos on photobucket - but just because I started there. I might try DropBox downstream.

It took a couple of years for DB to share his teas -but now I have quite a few - and will enjoy them in my retirement - which was supposed to happen but I was recalled...
Thanks for the comments about DD. I miss him.

Anna - you must take the cake for having the most stored on your iPad - we need to introduce you to DropBox - you can store almost anything on there to take up less space on your iPad.....

I really love our Rain Stand for the iPad but it doesn't fit in my cabinet - but it is great for using on your lap. Check this out. http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Rain%20Design/10035/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_campaign=googlebase&gclid=CI-ata-JmbYCFfA-Mgod4hwAUA

I need to use some of the apps that I downloaded but so far, just using the recipes that I have in my Powerpoint files.

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"(we really don't each much meat but once in awhile, I will make bacon)"
Bacon is not meat it is unto itself...
Is that Garrett Valley Uncured Bacon ?

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Yes, big DB and cloud user but only for certain items.

Have you looked at Paprika for your recipes? I use in on my ipad, phone, laptop. Great for generating shopping list on phone.

I experimented with GF and no-egg gnocchi tonight. They looked nice, soft and pliable dough, thought i had a winner until I let them boil 1 minute too long and they dissolved. I reserved a few and will try a quicker dunk.

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EatRealFood - You are close - it is uncured bacon that I buy at our local farmers' market from the pig farmer. Their pork tenderloin is absolutely the best ever - if you could eat pork "sushi" this would be it! (Don't worry, I don't intend to try it)
Thanks for the re-assurance about bacon being its own entity.

Anna - I loaded Paprika but haven't tried it yet. Oops on the gnocchi.. Sometimes experiments fail :-) but that is what makes a good cook - if you always succeed, you don't learn what not to do.


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