Curious about salt in water softener

turtleshopeJuly 14, 2012

We just had a water softener installed. I just noticed the local grocery carries "regular" salt and salt that is supposed to help deal with "rust." Iron in the water is a common problem around here.

Anyway I wondered what the chemical difference is between the two kinds of salt. None of the websites I visited would say, only that it was an "FDA Approved additive" for the iron.

Can anyone enlighten me?

And how useful is the additive?


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Usually citric acid or the like is added to treat the iron but it doesn't work as well as a routine regimen using Iron Out or a similar product.

If you have a minimal amount of iron in your water then the best way to do it is...

For resin cleaning, once a month use 1/4 cup of Iron Out, Super Iron Out, Rust Pro etc. dissolved into a gallon or two of warm water and pour it into the 4" round tube
in the brine tank where the float is and then flush that with a quart of clear water. Wait two hours and then do a manual regeneration.

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Thanks lurker!

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