Whole house water filtration companies?

drtechnoJuly 2, 2012

Hi guys

I am looking for a water filtration system for the house, and am exploring various companies. Who should I be looking at? I saw that some people on here say NOT Culligan?? Unfortunately, I just called them. What better companies are there?

Primarily looking for sediment filtration (that's it). An inline system (DIY style) does not put out the 20+ gpm I need so they are not an option.

Any advice?

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kinetico...they are really good! our kinetico is almost 30years old and still working fine!

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Thanks for the info. Will look them up.

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To intelligently discuss water treatment there must be a comprehensive water test so we know what needs to be treated.

What is it about your water that you don't like?

Well water or water system?

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Who wouldn't want Kinetico? I can't afford them, though.

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I used the local yellow pages (old technology) and called 3 or 4 big water softener companies -- that's one way to do it. What I got from reading the forum here is that the local companies vary a lot, and this way you can get an idea of what they are like, or at least what their sales people are like. Also ask your neighbours.

Another way, I imagine, is to research to find the water conditioner you want, then see who supplies locally. After you have the water tested, of course. This may be a better route for the DIYer ... each company seems to have a limited range of equipment they supply.

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