Well water test cost

lettaJuly 20, 2013

I Live in Michigan. How much should I expect to pay for a certified well water test?

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Find an independent certified lab. Check with your local Environmental Health Department. They can point you to certified labs or there's always the Yellow Pages.

Tell them you want a comprehensive well water test. If the lab is local they should be familiar with the tests needed and what the water characteristics are in your area. At minimum hardness, iron (ferric and ferrous), manganese, magnesium, pH, TDS, bacteria, nitrates, copper, sodium, arsenic,

Ask them how much it costs. Prices are usually competitive between labs in the same area.

Whatever the cost, it is money well spent (no pun intended). Living on a well you should be getting the water tested for nitrates and bacteria annually.

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Ours was about $100 here in NC, but, that is because we had three different types of tests done. So, how much it will be will depend on what tests you want performed.

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