8-week old lab pup

vuwugardenOctober 12, 2009

As some of you know, we have adopted a lab pup a couple of weeks ago. Taylor Swift, aka T-Sniff, turned 8 weeks this past Saturday.

Since she has not had all her puppy shots, can she safely go on leash walks around our neighborhood? If yes, what is the minimum/maximum length of time for the walks and how cold is too cold for walks? Taylor seems to not like the cold weather very well. She likes to curl up in a ball when I take her outside for potty breaks, play, and walks around our backyard.

Thank you for any advice you can provide.

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My vet recommends that pups stay away from public places until the pup has received the second booster of shots.

As far as weather, use common sense. Wet or wind will make cold weather worse. Your dog has a fur coat, but isn't wearing shoes.

WE typically walk - no matter what the weather... but we take quick short walks when its really cold, windy or raining.

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Thanks joepyeweed for your reply. I will wait until her second set of shots before venturing out. She has so much energy that our backyard is not enough. :-)

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The whole point of keeping the pup alone is to avoid contact with other dogs---negating disease spread. If there are no other dogs loose---there ia no reason not to walk the pup in the neighborhood. Just not in contact with other dogs, like dog parks and so on.

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No, it's not just to limit contact with other dogs. It's to limit exposure to the disease-causing organisms left behind by other dogs, particularly parvovirus. The virus is very hardy and has been shown to survive in feces and other organic material (including soil) for over a year. Unless you know absolutely that there have not been other dogs in the area, it is not safe until your puppy is protected by her own immunity.

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ITs not only dogs my vet is concered about. In our area, We have coyotes, racoons and possums that scavenge garbage cans. Potential exposure to parvo - distemper - rabies.

Parvo is quite common here. I know several people whose pups have been sick from parvo. Not all of them survived.

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Yup, other critters would be a concern as well.

Parvo is a horrible illness, especially for little puppies.

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Wow, she went home really young. I don't recommend puppies being separated from their Mom until 8 weeks.

Usually the first vaccs are at age 6-8 weeks. If 8 weeks, I'd say puppy is safe to head out. Otherwise, wait until second shots. Personally, I'd wait until second shots in your case. Parvo sucks.

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