High Iron Solution

BordlJuly 20, 2011

Hi, I have been reading the board for a while and would like to ask for advice on removing the iron from our well water.

The water has been tested by a certified lab recommended by the town health department using a sample from the base of the pressure tank:

PH 6.6

TDS 100 ppm

hardness 34.2 ppm

iron 4 ppm

Not detected: Iron bacteria, manganese, copper, Nitrates, sulfides, tanin.

A year ago we installed a birm filter followed by a carbon filter (in series) that worked well except for the washer when bleach was used. This setup no longer works very well.

Our neighbors have softeners by culligan, kinetico, etc... The softeners have not effectively solved their iron problems.

The house is 3000 sqft, 5 bed/ 5bath, one 80 gal tub, 4 residents (two infants). Water supply is 100' well with a constant pressure pump capable of delivering 25 gpm at 60 psi. Well has artesenal pressure 3-5 months out of the year.

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Do you big or what models the Kinetico/Culligan are? Also, one must be sure there is no ferric iron in the source water. Birm filters will work for a while but the biggest problems is lower than recommended dissolved oxygen in the water and/or lower than needed backwashing flow rate.

Your TDS number don't chime. Make sure your water test results are accurate.

Andy Christensen

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Most neighbors have 1-1.5 cuft softeners. But they also have pressurized tanks because their wells do not have sufficient recovery rates.

TDS should read 110 ppm

Water is clear when drawn. Orange sediment appears after about an hour or so.

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Softeners can remove iron to a degree. The more iron and more volume used the more one needs to customize the system to remove it.

Also, iron cleansing salt or salt additives are recommended. It is better to regenerate more often than simply increasing salt dosages.

In many cases a separate iron filter may have to go ahead of the softener.

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