Sour Smelling Kitchen Sink Drain

riakJuly 17, 2008

I NEED HELP! There is a sour smell eminating from my kitchen drains as well as the master bath shower drain, but no other drains. I have been doing some google searching so first of all let me point out that I do not have a garbage disposal. The smell is not a sulfur or rotten egg smell but is exactly like the smell of boiled eggs. I have tried the baking soda/vinegar remedy, as well as pouring a bleach/water mixture down them. Nothing has worked. Also, I am on city water and have a septic tank, not city sewage, and as I have said, the smell only comes from the two areas mentioned above, not all drains. Any ideas as to what might be causing the smell and how to get rid of it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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clogged vent maybe. if it is clogged the trap will empty and let the gases vet into the house. pour about a half cup or so of water in each and do not use them for an hour. if the smell is gone, then the problem is the vents. usually you can see the vents coming out the roof directly above the fixture, so you just go up and remove the birds nest or insects cloggin it. some cases it won't be that simple and you may have to get a pro in to clear them.

also, if the plumbing is real old it may just have gunk built up that smells. you should be able to look into the drain and see it if it does. get a flexible brush like for cleaning baby bottles and use it to clean the drains down to the trap.

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