Meghane, could you provide a link?

laurief_gwOctober 31, 2009


I remember a year or two ago you referenced a study that concluded that every heat cycle experienced by an intact female increases the chances of that animal contracting mammary cancer later in life. At least that's what I *think* I remember. If available (and if my memory hasn't completely distorted this), would you please provide a link to that study or provide the source of the study? It's something I'd like to have handy to pass along to folks who are waivering on the "should I, shouldn't I have my animal spayed" debate.



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You can use any search engine to find more information, the web is loaded with links regarding this subject

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Actually I remember it from my class and I did have a link at one time but have since lost it. The stats are forever engraved in my brain though, since we were tested on them:

Spay before first heat cycle gets you less than 0.1% of breast cancer later in life.
Spay after first heat cycle, risk goes to 12%.
Spay after second heat cycle, risk goes to 25%.

This has only been figured in dogs as far as I know. But the short story is spaying after 2nd heat cycle increases risk of breast cancer over 250 times vs spaying before first heat cycle.

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Daing, those are some nasty odds.

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