Musher's Secret

pamghattenOctober 5, 2011

Anyone used this?

I was at a Pet Expo last weekend, took Rocky to his first public event, and he did great with all the people and other dogs.

I looked for boots, since he gets really sensitive to the cold and snow, but there weren't many and the ones they had were too small.

But one of the vendors had Musher's Secret, so I picked up a small jar of it to try and wondered if any of you had used it and what you thought of it?



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I bought this for my service dog and talk to other service dog owners and it's been agreed that this product is useless unless you plan on softening your dog's pads, which is counter productive to it's purpose.

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LOL! Great! Thank goodness I only bought the small bottle.

Has anyone used those disposable boots?

Rocky is a smooth-coated collie mix, with very small paws .. I can't see that the boots that velcrow around the foot will stay on his small little paws in the snow ...

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Sorry, I have no experience with disposable boots. I just know that many dogs will fight boots tooth and nail, it can take a lot of work to get them used to them.

I would work on toughening up his pads by walking him on all kinds of terrain. He should have callouses built up that most things won't be able to effect. Granted, I know that it's skin and not shoe soles but still, those things can get really tough and thick.

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