Advice on how to connect double bath sink to drain

iknowmycalculusJuly 18, 2012

The contractor who did the tiles modified the plumbing so that each sink would have a p-trap which would connect to a tee which then goes into the wall. I saw some other posts which had only 1 p-trap after the tee. I would appreciate any advice on how to properly set up the pipes so as not to have any issues in the future. I would also appreciate it if you could let me know what pipe diameters should be used in the setup setup. (Note: I am using a 48" vanity so space is a bit tight as you can see in the picture.

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You need to contact whoever installed that and tell them to come undo the code violations and do it right or you will call the plumbing inspector to look at it and you will ask him why the tile man is doing plumbing work without a license.

The solution is simple but it depends upon which code your under because the IRC is different from the UPC.

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Would this be the proper way of doing it?

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If the horizontal center to center distance between the two drains is 30" or less you can hook up up that way. In fact you can get a kit for a kitchen double sink and use that.

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Sophie Wheeler

48" is too small for a double vanity. The smallest recommended size for a double vanity is 36" in between the center point of the two sinks, which translates to a 60" space if you want any room between the edge of those sinks and the wall. Two people cannot use the sinks at the same time in 48" so you have not really increased the utility of the bathroom at all. In fact, you've probably just created a red flag situation if you ever go to sell, even if you bring the plumbing up to code.

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