Puppy Eating Poo

boystownOctober 28, 2013

I have a 10 month old Brussels Griffon and she eats poo. Not sure but I think she has eaten some cat poo when my neighbors cat came into the yard. I try to wash poo into the ground when I find it. Anyway, what can I do with this little girl and why is she doing this?

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most puppies will eat cat poop if given the chance.. my Brussels unfortunately developed a tasted for all poop, including his own, which was resistant to Forbid (a product you feed them to make their own stools taste bad)... he has maintained this disgusting behavior his entire life (just passed away a week ago.. was 11)... fortunately only a few of the other dogs eat dog poop (rarely)... but ALL of them love cat poops... just too tasty to ignore. Fortunately we have no more outdoor cats where I live now, so that is not a problem anymore, either.

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when I bought my shih tzu pup 5 years ago, the breeder warned me that this breed is prone to poo eating :/ she suggested I keep the poop scooped as soon as possible after she went. Luckily mine didn't eat her own poop (strangely, she actually runs away from it after going to the toilet LOL) but she would dig up cat poop and eat it. I just ended up having to put up a makeshift fence across the area so she couldn't get to this sandy part of the garden. Some time later, I did give her access to that part of the yard and it seemed like the habit was broken, or she just forgot to start digging it up.

Basically, I think you have to look at any ways that you can stop her access, that might mean picking up right after her, or only giving her access to a certain controlled area etc, but I think it's possible with some dogs that you can get them out of the habit (it may take some vigilance), but some dogs (and breeds) seem to have more of a problem with this than others.

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I don't know what it is about cat poop, but many dogs will eat it when they don't seem attracted to caca in general. My present one doesn't seem interested, but I've had more than one dog get into a cat pan if they weren't cleaned up quickly, even though they knew it was forbidden. You can tell by the litter clinging to their mustache and the BREATH. UGH. We used to joke about tootsie rolls.

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"and the BREATH. UGH.

I'll second that LOL, I would shampoo my dogs face, brush her teeth and it still smelled awful.

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lzrddr, I am so sorry about your 11 year old Brussels. Was she ill? I too, have a 11 year old Brussels and the 10 month old Brussels puppy. Love this breed of dog. My 11 year old has never been enticed with cat poo like this puppy. I had to laugh at your comment "just too tasty to ignore".

calliope and trancegemini, boy I hear you both about the stench on their faces and mouths after eating cat poo. This little girl doesn't even seem to mind having your face, teeth and tongue washed after a bite of cat poo!!

Just never had a dog that does this, may try locating some of the cat poo and douse it with hot sauce and see if that helps any.

Thanks to you all.

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Put cayenne pepper on any you find. That has worked for us. Our two labs would actually dig up the cat's poo when they were puppies. The cayenne pepper worked and now they don't bother it.

The cayenne pepper is better than hot sauce because when they sniff it, it gets in the nose and they remember that!!!

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The reason CAT Feces is so tempting is due to the completely undigested food remaining.
1. Pick up any feces before letting your dog out
2. Teach your pup to LEAVE IT
3. Have your dog on a leash when outside until you can be sure the area is cleaned up.
Cleaning up feces every morning and every evening is going to keep you and your pets healthier. Good luck

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