Feeding rules for multiple cats

vacuumfreakOctober 17, 2007

My year and a half old Jasper is a bit on the heavy side (12 lbs).I didn't want to admit it at first and it happened slowly but one day I looked at him and just realized what a big guy he had become. I'd like to blame the use of dry food instead of a raw meat diet, but I'm not sure how it happened. I usually give a half cup in the morning and a fourth cup at night. The two 5 month old kittens I'm fostering are pretty small, I'd guess from having been on the street so long. What would you say is the best way to feed three cats in this sutuation so that they each get an appropriate amount of food? Right now even though I use 3 separate bowls, they push each other out of the way and compete at feeding time. I could feed the young ones in the bedroom or begin the scary process of free feeding. What do you suggest?

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four cups of dry food seems like a lot to me. Dry food is more fattening. Switch to canned food. 1/2 can 2x a day to max 1 can 2x day.

I would separate Jasper's food from the food for the kittens. Feed them in different rooms.

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I was referring to the little cat cans around 5.5 ounces.

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How does a fourth and a half cup equal four cups?

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My boy is also a year and half and about 12 or 13lbs. I really don't think that is bad for a neutered male. Probably depends on the cat though.

I second feeding wet food. Soooo much better for them -- they will eat less dry, poop less and gain less weight.

I free-feed dry (Nutro Max or Complete) and give 1/2 container Meow Mix Select in the am and half in the pm. Wish my cat would eat a better quality wet but he won't (just goes down the drain).

Sorry - no advice on feeding multiples as I only have one :(

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Definitely feed them separate and add some canned food. We have one thats just right and one chubby one. I was only feeding them 1/2 cup dry and about 2Tbsp canned each per day. The Vet said too much dry. Now they are getting 2Tbsp dry each and 1/2 of a 5.5 oz can wet a day. The chubby one is loosing slowly and the other one lost some weight initially, but seem to be holding steady now. He has his dish higher up then the other one. She can't get her weight up that high without a step stool. They are eating Canidae wet and their light dry food.

Can you guess who out ways whom?

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That should be outweighs.

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We have 3 cats, one male and two females. I feed them in different places, although at the same time and the same quantity. My male does like to nose in on his sibling's dish when he's done with his own (total type A eater, lol), so I have to watch for him; otherwise, it works out fairly well.

We feed our crew at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. When we feed dry, we feed 1/3 cup for each feline of Royal Canin Indoor. When we feed wet, we typically divide the 5.5 oz can (we like Felidae) into 3 portions and add a bit of dry kibble to their dish. Fresh water all the time in three different locations (sometimes if my male doesn't seem to be drinking enough, I splash in some clam juice to pique his interest).

Their weights are quite stable and the vet says they are in the "ideal" category.

My male orange & white is 12.25 lbs, his sibling is 10.25 lbs and my torbie female is 11.25 lbs.

Here's my trio (from 2005; my orange & white sibs were still kitties):

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I feed my two cats in two different rooms. They each get one can of Fancy Feast in the morning. And there's a big dish of dry available all day, and a big water bowl. The dry food and water are on the floor in a quiet corner of my kitchen. The only problem is our Wheaten Terrier munches on the cat food. Both cats are trim and healthy. They seem to like the arrangement. Each meows and goes to her own room in the morning when I get up.

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Don't know where my head was when I was typing last night. We feed them Felidae, the dog gets Canidae.

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Well, I can only say what works for me...I have three cats. Cougar has IBD/pancreatitis - he sits on top of a bar stool and eats his dry kibble. The other two eat on a small rug nearby. I sit near them so that when one finishes his food (he eats really fast) I am between them and he can't go to the other cats food bowl. It means I have to watch all three of them at every meal, but it isn't a big deal.

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I have to watch my cats when I feed them wet food . They have their positions and wait for their food. But two, mother and daughter, wolf their food and then try and steal from the more dainty eaters. I referee. The three kinds of dry are out all day. Most of my cats are in a good weight, the mom and daughter are fat at around 17 pounds while Henry is a big boy but not fat at 15 pounds at 15 months.

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