ladybugfruitOctober 11, 2009

I have had a close association with hospice this past year and found this really touching...thought I would share.


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thank you. really, thank you so much. i could only get through the first minute. perhaps, some day, i'll be able to watch the whole thing.

i had hospice for 2 weeks for my dying husband. truly, they are angels on earth. how they do this work, day after day after day, is beyond me. the profound sadness they see...and still, they go on.

my own dog is failing very fast. degenerative myelopathy is beginning to paralyze him. my sadness overwhelms me.

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ninapearl, Those that are called to work in hospice are indeed angels walking on this earth. My heart goes out to you for you loss and pain, while I have lost and grieved several close family members in the last several years, I cannot imagine losing my husband and the heartbreak you have endured. My prayers go with you as you face the difficult task of losing yet another precious family member. Sending big hugs your direction.

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LBF, you're very sweet, thank you for your kind words. some day, i hope to do some volunteer work with my hospice people. they were so good to us during gary's final weeks and i'd love to be able to pay it forward...just haven't been able to quite move along in my grief enough to do so yet.

i think, were it not for losing my female corgi to cancer just a couple of months ago, and now facing the loss of my male, i would be in better emotional shape. i know the loss of an animal cannot compare to that of a human but still, there is so much grief to work through. *sigh*

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