Drought - Septic lines visible?

vgkgJuly 13, 2010

Hi there, been a while.

Currently there's been a dry spell here for about 2 months and I can see my septic leach lines out in the drain field (I think?). My system is an old terra cotta type layout but I'm not sure how to "read" what I see out there in the dry field.

Here's the appearance - I can make out clearly 4 long straight areas of green and 4 long straight areas of brown between the green ones, all are very straight lines running about 100' in lenght. But the green stretches are about 4 feet wide and these are separated by 1 foot wide brown stretches. Since the greenish areas are 4' wide can I assume that these are the areas between the brown leach lines? or is it the other way around?

The under ground terra cotta lines shouldn't be more than a foot wide (similar size to the brown lines) so it seems that the same size brown lines are the terra cotta lines? but I can only guess at this. I had always heard that the "grass is always greener over the septic lines" but in my case it seems reversed according to the sizes of the green vs brown lines.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the spelling, at library with limited time.


PS - for my old gardenweb pals out there - for some odd reason the gardenweb site access is blocked by my local library but not the Homesite, go figure?

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Green is where the lines are. When moisture leaves the line it tends to spread out a bit, that is why the lines are spaced out.

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Yep green is where the leach lines are.
Brown square is often where the tank is because the dirt is thin over top of it.

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Make yourself a T-handle probe about 4 ft long. You will easily find the lines

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