Follow-Up on 2 Cats with IBS/1 Litter Box

jonerebOctober 27, 2011

It has been about 6 weeks, maybe 2 months since my last report on Sebastian and Hibachi. These 2 Siamese brothers came home from the shelter with ear mites, ear yeast infection, irritable bowel syndrome and Lord knows what else. Sebastian was inconsistent in using the litter box. He'd also go on the floor.

The vet prescribed Prednisolone and Lamb & Rice dry to treat IBS. We used Zymox Otic for the ear infection.

After Lamb & Rice, we tried other varieties before settling on dry Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck (no grains). After 6 weeks of feeding this brand exclusively, their stool is much firmer - through not perfect. I've stopped the Prednisolone. By the way, we tried making out own catfood. They wouldn't touch it.

The ear infection went away within 2 weeks using Zymox Otic.

Although many of you suggested 2 litter boxes, I'm a bit hard headed and insisted that both cats share 1 box. That now seems to be working. They are sharing 1 box without any accidents. Last accident was over a month ago. Knock on wood! But I believe that accident was due to IBS. Now that we're correcting the IBS problem the litter box problem has also improved.

I also allow the cats to go outside on nice days. Sebastian loves it. He likes to poop outside. I believe the "covering" poop exercise may have helped him understand the indoor litter box. Plus they are now older (8 months) and maturing.

This post is merely designed to be an encouragement to those who are experiencing similar problems.

Sebastian and Hibachi are turning out to be great cats.

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good update, glad they're coming along for you now. I bet they feel a lot better too. Sounds like they've been through the ringer!

One tip I've read a lot is to feed cats a tablespoon of canned pumpkin daily, it's supposed to regulate their tummies, and is good for those w/tummy issues. I know if my dogs get upset tummies, they get sweet potato, it really helps. It helps if they're constipated or if they have diarrhea.

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Canned pumpkin? I've never heard that one before. Thx for the tip.

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Glad to hear they're doing well - still waiting for pictures though!

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Simply Fabulous!

My Brownie favs on canned for are Soulistic Good Karma chicken same as Weruva Paw Lickin chicken & Fancy Feast flaked fish & shrimp, Merrick Cowboy Cookout & Ocean Breeze which are all on the IBD kitties web list if you want to try canned food.

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Always nice to hear when things work!

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