PEX, possible problems?

vgkgJuly 12, 2011

Hi there,

As I mentioned in another thread I'm using PEX to replace the old copper in our home. Has anyone heard of an incident of mice chewing into PEX? As far as I can tell this may be the real drawback of PEX unlike metal. We don't have mice but this is an old country home with evidence of past mice years ago.

Thanks for any info!

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Rats, mice and rabbits all three seem to like chewing on PEX, romax electrical cables and other vinyl materials.

And although we don't have them here, Armadilloes also chew PEX & vinyl.

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It was a worse problem with poly from what I have heard. Pex is good pipe. Use brass fittings, and copper crimp rings.

I would go with Copper. The I.D. is larger than pex.

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