sump pump /water /mould?

bronxbillJuly 5, 2010

My sump pump overflowed - getting ready to replace it BUT my question is - the wall on both sides (sump pump is in a closet)had black water spots or maybe it was mould - I cleaned it up - all the water is gone but today 4 days later the mould on both sides of the wall came back. I don't know if that is actually mould or just that the wall is not completely dry even though the floor and rug is dry. What am I up against - do I have to tear out the sheet rock and repair or should I wait & see if the water spots /mould? finally disappear after it has completey dried.

Thanks for any input


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misspelled should be mold / not mould

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You have to cut out at least part of the sheet rock, what you are cleaning is just surface mold you have to remove what got into the center.

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Thanks shacko: That's what I figured. It is a small area 2'x 3' and I dried it real good and cleaned it real good. Just going to wait about a week or two to see if the mold comes back - so far 4 days and it's ok. But I will replace it if I have to.
Thanks again

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I think you are making a mistake, the mold is still growing inside the wall, you have to remember that mold is a health problem!

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Get rid of the mold, and every thing it touched. The black mold is very bad for you, wear a good mask. It will get into your lungs and that is not good.

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