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wxtrenderJuly 1, 2012

I have a Flotec Sink Utility Pump installed in my basement on a utility sink. The plumbing is fairly straight forward and connects into one of the main sewer lines of the house by going up and above and then down into the top side of the sewer line. There is also a check valve in the pump discharge line to prevent a sewer line back up from getting back down to the sump and then flowing up through the sink. So all is good there.

I am having a problem with a strong vacuum being developed in the sump that prevents the pump from running and then the drain water from the sink stops draining. Apparently it is a venting problem. The contractor that did the installation put in a vent line with a Studor vent at the end of the line. As I understand it the Studor vent is supposed to release the suction. As soon as we unscrew the vent you can hear the air rush in to release the vacuum. So obviously the application of the Studor vent is not appropriate here. What do I do? Venting to the outside while not impossible is not going to be a pleasant experience, is there any other vent product to use?

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Studor vents only work one way, letting air in. Your problem is since it won't let air out, the basin becomes air locked not allowing drain water in. These must be vented properly.

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By law that lift pump is required to have a dedicated separate vent through the roor and it may not be attached to any other vents in the structure.

I would call the installation plumber and tell him/her in no uncertain terms that he/she was paid to install the unit and you have every right to expect that installation to meet code compliance so they can either come and correct it on their dime, or you can call a plumbing inspector to come explain it to them. But then, they would also have to explain why they didn't pull a permit and get the job inspected too.

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"But then, they would also have to explain why they didn't pull a permit and get the job inspected too."

Unless the owner can point to the installer.

This sounds like unpermitted work by an unlicensed 'plumber.'

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