Kitchen swing-arm faucet

ionized_gwJuly 6, 2012

I need a new kitchen faucet on a stainless sink. The old faucet is broken. I might be tempted to install a fancy-pants, newer-style faucet, but I was told that one of quality would cost several hundred dollars.

I am willing, however, spend enough coin to get quality in a replacement for the simple swing-arm. I want to install a good quality faucet and not have to deal with it for many years.

Does anyone have any advice about models that I should consider.

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Have you tried to repair what you have? If it's just a dripping faucet, there are replacement parts (many mfr's will send free parts with their lifetime warrantee).

As for a replacement, installation is basically the same, so the difference is in which you buy. I would suggest Delta, then maybe Moen for ease of repair down the road. A decent one could be had for $125-$150, as I recall. (Avoid Glacier Bay at Home D). The simple ones are around $50.

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Thanks, the existing faucet is leaking from a pinhole the main spout. It is likely 20-30 years old. I have tape around it that directs the spray into the sink. No fix there. That reminds me, I should check the previous owner's files. He kept just about everything and I might he able to say how old it is for sure.

Are you suggesting that Moen is easier to repair, or rank-ordering Delta and Moen for both durability and repair?

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I'd lean toward Delta.

Delta and Moen are both easy to repair in their own way. As for durability and feel, choose a model who's box isn't too light (weight-wise, which means more plastic), as well as one that is a bit more expensive. It seems to matter. Also, it might help to get some first-hand advice and buy from a real plumbing supply instead of the big box stores.

BTW, the pricing can rise quickly with the various styles, which you may or may not want. But the basic Delta works well.

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I'll take a scales to the store :-)

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