More flea help please

gillylilyOctober 30, 2010

I wrote earlier last week about my dog having fleas and thanks to you for your responses.

We are getting our house fumigated on Thursday by an earth friendly/green company. My lab is due for her frontline does on Thursday as well, but I am still finding a flea here and there on her. My question is should I give her a flea bath on Tuesday (not a dip, just a bath) and then give her the frontline on thursday or just do the frontline? We need to stay out of the house either way but I want to make sure we are done with them after this week-It's not cheap for this service but so worth it! (at least to me).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I would go ahead and dose her without a bath so that you can take advantage of the skin oils. As long as you have fleas in the house you're going to find them on her and as long as the Frontline is in her system it will take care of them.
Bathing doesn't always remove fleas since they're pretty adapt at hiding in every crevice they can find on a dog!

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spedigrees z4VT

Also I wouldn't double up on flea medications as it can place too much of a burden on the liver. I'd stick with the frontline as well. If you use it regularly on all your pets, fleas should not be a problem. You'll occasionally see one of the little buggers, but when they bite a frontline-treated animal the medication in the frontline (fipronil) paralyzes them and they starve to death.

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I would not use Frontline. It has not be as effective as in the past. Maybe something changed when it went over the counter? I have heard many people complain. I switched to Vectra 3D...prescription from the vet

Of course you will have to treat the environment inside and outside of the house or nothing will work.

Good Luck

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