newbie needs advice on system

neonflxJuly 14, 2011


I recently moved into a house that is on a well system, there is no water softener or R/O system installed, just a 10" pre-filter that until yesterday did not have a filter element inside.

I been looking around and found an used kinetico that also come with a hydrotech R/O

the system has a kinetcio 60 twin tanks, the hydrotech with one long skinny tank and salt tank and also there is a separate long skinny black tank.

the seller claims that the system is 7 years old.

the water was tested and i do have ferrous and ferric iron, ph is 6.7, that is all i was told.

what is the best approach to install this sytem if i decide to buy it used, can i call kinetico and have them install it or because is used they will not do it, or can any plumber install the system?

also been that it is used, should i changed the resin and do a complete service on the unit

thanks for any suggestions

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How much iron, manganese, nitrates, bacteria?

The Kinetico 60 should have 2 resin tanks that look like torpedoes and a brine (salt ) tank.

If the Hydrotech is an RO (Reverse Osmosis) then it should not have a salt tank.

Make sure of what you're buying.

The Kinetico dealer will most likely be happy to install the softener for a fee and you might let them go through the Model 60 and bring it up to snuff so you start out with a unit that has no problems and is set up correctly.

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thanks for the info.

here is a more detail water test
Hardness= 4 GPG
Ferrous= .4 PPM
Ferric= .8 PPM
PH = 6.7
Manganese = .2

I will get in touch with the kinetico people and ask them if they can service the system, thanks

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Water's not too bad. The model 60 should work. If you get it serviced and set up properly it should last you a long time.

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NO your Kinetico alone will not work as stated. Absolutely not. In fact no softener would. You would get it installed and then discover you are getting iron stains and other iron problems because of your reported ferric (insoluble) iron.

Ferric iron (0.8 is significant) pass right through a softener. The 10" pre-filter would need to be maintained (and maybe even doubled in a series) to remove the ferric iron. Is the filter housing a clear housing?

But let me take it a little further. Where was the water sample taken? At a kitchen faucet, at the pressure tank? What kind of plumbing do you have, copper, galvanized, plastic? Readings of ferric iron can be in error depending on the testing source.

As far as hardness and ferrous iron is concerned, the Kinetico is perfect. At 7 years of age, it hasn't exhausted its original warranty (10 years) but may not be extended to you for a combination of two reasons. Nonetheless, it should still be in excellent condition unless it was used/misused in some extraordinary circumstances.

You pH is slightly low and I would not worry about that. Again, what type of plumbing do you? Do you see greenish-blue stains in sinks/toilets?

As far as bacterial/viral problems, a local health board can provide service or advice in testing for these issues, which should always be done by new homeowners. Nitrates/nitrites are more common on sources of surface waters and not as common with well waters, but can be tested cheaply. An RO is fairly effective at reducing them.

Andy Christensen, CWS-II

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thanks for your comments and suggestions

the plumbing is plastic, the reading was taking outside on a faucet, these readings were taken without an element filter in the pre filter housing, the housing is blue in color (we didn't know until i decided to open an inspect it).

water was tested by a lab for bacteria/viral problems 3 weeks ago and it was good.

the only stains i'm getting are of a brownish color

only been able to find one service dealer in my area, and they are giving a bunch of excuses and wanting to know the serial number of the tanks before they come out to install/service them. is this a common practice by kinetico.

once again thanks

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Sometimes ferric readings can be causes by build-up in the plumbing and can give a false indication of what's actually coming from the well. Try taking a sample at the pressure tank and see if it is reduced.

Asking for a serial number, Uhm? Maybe they wanting to know if another dealer outside their territory is selling new units locally. I don't know and it is not typical. You're asking for a service call, that's all.

Where are you located? Look at the top of the valve. Do you see a disc with a number on it? Are there rust stains on the lens? Are the tanks black smooth, black wrapped or tan in color?

Did you get a brine tank with it? Sorry for all the questions but you want to make sure it is set correctly.


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