Looking Forward To Some New Reveals!!

dcward89March 1, 2014

I have noticed what seems like an unusual number of backsplash help threads in the last few days. Since backsplash seems to be the last piece completed in so many kitchens, I am hoping to see some new finished kitchen reveals soon!!! We're still a few months out from finishing our mostly DIY kitchen remodel but I will definitely post a reveal when we're finished. I LOVE seeing all the different and awesome kitchens on GW!

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Mine is coming up in probably a month (?). It is fun to see all the different ways people imagine their kitchens, isn't it?

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I also have a reveal coming in a month, plus/minus. GW has been a lifesaver this past year...

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My final appliance was delivered this week, so I have a reveal coming next week, but with a painted backsplash. I haven't been able to make a decision, which just means I haven't found "it" yet!

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robo (z6a)

Three weeks! I was also thinking there will be a new crop of post-holidays reveals soon! I'm almost abb. And yes thanks GW for being a total lifesaver. My kitchen is 10000x better than it would be otherwise.

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I'm excited to see the reveals as well. Mine won't be for another 7 weeks as that's when we take possession of our new home, can't wait!

I'll be looking out for your reveal DC and Sum, hopefully it will go by quickly for you both.

Deedles, can't wait to see yours too, it looks really great so far.

Fishy, we have the same fridge as you ordered, please let me know how you like it, if you can. :) Taking your time with the backsplash is a good idea, can't wait to see your finished photos when you find the perfect tile.

Robo, I hear you on how wonderful GW is. Your kitchen is going to be awesome! :)

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I am hoping to post my reveal in about 1 month. My mason said he will begin installing our backsplash a week from Monday - fingers crossed!

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XC60, I got my new refrigerator on Thursday and so far, I love it! I posted a quick review on the appliance forum this afternoon, but my favorite thing about it is that I can see the contents of the drawer from the fridge. I am keeping my produce in the drawer and it is so nice to see what's in there every time I go in the fridge. I am looking forward to having a lot less waste because I can actually see what I have!

It doesn't seem to make ice too fast, but we have our other fridge in the garage as well as a chest freezer, so I'm not worried about that. The freezer section holds a lot, but I can see it being a hassle to find stuff if it is too full.

I read some reviews that complained that the refrigerator was loud and it is definitely louder than the Whirlpool Side by Side it replaced. But I don't find it to be annoyingly loud, and our kitchen is in the center of our home, open to the family room where we spend our evenings.

I have been looking at refrigerators since November 2012, and finally bought this one without ever seeing it in person. I had seen the KitchenAid without the drawer, so I had a good idea what it would look like, but I decided I wanted the drawer and nobody local had one. And so far, I am really happy with it!

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Since you asked...I haven't been on GW for months, but was looking around and noticed this. My kitchen was (mostly) finished a few months ago and I really like it. I'm still looking for a kitchen table, need to finish a couple of things in the laundry area, and a couple of other things. Including taking some pictures. I did take a couple of quick ones as I was going out the door when it was first finished, and as it happens, I had a few of the backsplash. So, until I have better pictures, I thought I'd add my backsplash photo.

I wanted a stacked layout rather than staggered for the field, and a vertical stripe rather than horizontal for the accent. Since the room was already long and narrow, I didn't want to accentuate it. The white field tiles have the equivalent of an eggshell finish in paint--not glossy, not matte. I can't remember what it was called. The green are iridescent glass, like stained glass--really thin compared to the thickness of the white. And, surprisingly, the grout is grayish-tan. When I was deciding on grout color, I wanted something that would show up but not too much. After holding up the obvious choices, I tried the grayish-tan even though it looked a little too tan. When held up next to the tile and glass, it looked like it would be just right. And, it was! (sorry about the stuff on the counter--hadn't gotten everything put up at that point.)

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Gnancy, thank you for sharing your photos. Very nice space, love the counters and your backsplash is unique and very gorgeous with your counters.

Thanks so much Fishy for taking the time for your review for me, it sounds like a great fridge. I've seen them here at a couple of stores and also loved the clear door, so I'm happy to see it works well.

Sorry OP for the quick thread hijack. :)

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We're about 5-6 weeks out. Right now the timeline is...

- finish up family room electrical, frame cove lighting, and two new HVAC returns
- Closed cell insulation
- Drywall and painting
- Put in and finish hardwood flooring
- Cabinets, Appliances
- Countertops, sink, and cooktop
- Backsplash

It's been a long rebuild...

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deedles-can't wait to see yours and loving glimpses of progress with the 'big girl' and all. ;)

Mine is new construction and hoping to be finished within 6-8 weeks. I haven't chosen a backsplash yet myself. Hmph. I am all over the place with that selection so I am following back splash threads with great interest.

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robo (z6a)

Gnancy, super cool and unique! That kitchen deserves its own thread and at least 10 more photos.

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Gnancy - I would also like to see a reveal thread. Love the colors!

I should probably post my reveal. We've been done since mid-December but I just haven't found the time to type everything out.

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Gnancy, agreed that a reveal is in order, what a unique kitchen, love the counter and BS.

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Thank you. I will post a reveal soon. I had a print framed to hang next to the window but dropped it before I could hang it; that banged up the frame so I'm having the frame fixed. I might wait until I get that back. Or, I might post some pics in a couple of days with what the kitchen looks like now. It just doesn't have the finishing touches.

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LOL does this count as a reveal??? This is the way my kitchen has looked for what feels eons now.....hopefully cabinets this week. See that blue tape? Pretend those are cabinets :)

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After almost two years, or is it three, I finally have pulls (on most cabinets) something besides drywall behind my range
(temporarily) and a table (also temporary) for an island.

Firsthouse, Hope you are doing well, are those steel doors and windows????

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