Any Info: Traveling with 2 Dogs in-Cabin Airplane

beverlyflaOctober 11, 2013

I have two fairly small dogs. A Morkie and a Shorkie. I may need to travel from state to state via Southwest Airlines. I have traveled with one dog when I adopted him from the rescue, using Southwest Airlines which is great airline to fly with the dog. I have checked their policies and I can take the two dogs if I can fit them in one dog carrier.

The dog carrier I currently own will not accommodate the two dogs. Not enough room.

Does anyone know of a roomy carrier on wheels that will accommodate two dogs?

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You can find a large enough carrier for 2 dogs, but the problem is it has to fit under the airline seat. If they were put in a typical under-seat carrier, I don't think your 2 dogs would be happy squished together for that long.
You'll need someone to travel with you to carry the second dog, or else buy a second ticket for the seat next to you.

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I guess I'll have to check with Southwest, however, my friend, while flying to Seattle, sat next to a man who tried to purchase a seat for his dog, and the airline said no. He would have kept the dog in the carrier, but on the seat and he was denied.

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On the seat usually isn't allowed, but I don't see why they wouldn't allow under the seat. That way they still control the size of the animal being brought on the plane.

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