Pot Filler - brown water ?

gardenamyJuly 2, 2012

We are finished remodeling our kitchen and put in a pot filler. However, when we turn it on the water is brown at first until it runs clear.

The solution? Why would it be brown if a regular cold water line? Only difference I know is that it is a flexible line - like what you would use to your refrigerator.

The contractor who installed is on vacation so I wanted to ask here first and be prepared with information for when he gets home.

Many thanks!

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Sounds like there is a steel fitting in the line somewhere forming up its internal coat of rust.

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Sophie Wheeler

You've discovered the big drawback to pot fillers. They are designed for restaurant situations where they get used multiple times per day not for homeowner use where they might get used once a week. More than just rust will form in the lines if you have hard water. If you are on well water, you can have a pretty good bacteria build up in the still water behind the valve.

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Brickeyee - Thank you for the suggestion!

Hollysprings - Not on well water and have tried to use it every day at least once. Hopefully we can resolve.

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