Water softner regeneration

window68July 15, 2013

I had a water softener installed in a cottage that i use quite often in the summer but not very often in the fall or winter.My question is do i have to go up there every week or two to regenerate the softener in the winter or can i just drain the brine tank when i leave and refill it when i come back in a month or so or is there anything else that i can do before i leave so the water isn't terrible when i come back since its full of iron Thank you

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How to manage inactive softeners is always a problem.

Most important, the softener can not FREEZE.

Without knowing what softener you have if the softener is an on demand electronic unit it may have a day override so emptying the brine tank will not stop regenerations.

You'd need to shut off the water and pull the plug to stop regenerations then bypass the softener after relieving the internal water pressure. I'd empty the brine tank and toss the salt.

You should be shutting off the water when you're gone for an extended time anyway.

Since you have iron, are you routinely using Iron Out or a similar product?

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