Cat with fur on bottom of feet???

SunnyDJOctober 4, 2011

We just took in another stray kitten, cutest darn thing you've ever seen but also a little stinker...But, this little beauty has fur growing on the bottom of her feet which I've never seen....She is semi long haired with tabby markings....

Just curious as I've never had a cat with long fur between their toes.....

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Yes......some of my cats have had that. It may or may not bother him. If it does, it's perfectly alright to trim the hair carefully with round-tipped scissors. You'll know if the cat chews on it's pads or grooms them excessively. It can pick up all sorts of nasty stuff the cat is obliged to clean off by licking. If it's an outside kitty, things like sidewalk de-icer, mud. If an inside kitty, things like poo from the litter pan. Some cat breeds, this is pretty typical, like the Maine Coon and hybrids thereof.

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I've had two cats with long hair between their toes. One was a Maine Coon Cat, and one was a Himalayan. Both of these cats had sweet, docile personalities.

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Absolutely!! My boys all have furry toes. Since they don't go outside it doesn't bother them (meaning with snow or ice) but they do sometimes end up with kitty litter clumps!

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Thanks for all the answers....I had a feeling she had a trace of Main Coon in her....She is a stray, very lovable but very ornery..At 1st she really wanted out but now I think she knows, she's inside for good....She's still in the chewing stage and I have the marks to prove it, lol....She also terrorizes the older 2 cats and I'm hoping after we get her spayed, she'll settle down...Maybe I should say, I praying she'll settle down and we'll have a calm, happy cat family.....

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