Mini (Kiddie) Kitchen & Remodel

OhBlondieMarch 7, 2013

I've been a lurker for a while (what you might call the pre-planning stage), and have only posted a comment or two, but when I saw this I felt compelled to post a link.

A mom created her own mini toy kitchen for her kids, and then . . . remodeled it. Adorable and clever.

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No, I am not remodeling DD's play kitchen any time soon...

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Ha! When my daughter was 8 she "upgraded" her play fridge to a SubZero.

She still has kool-aid taste on a water budget. I blame myself.

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certain so and so was described in an article as purchasing the home next to their family home as a "play " home for their child and her friends. I suppose it's been renovated to the "nines". I remember some nice tree forts as a kid/never got bored.

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That wouldn't last a week w/my 4 yo twins....... ones a boy :)

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Funny! That 2.0 version is nicer than some kitchens I've had.

I do get the sense that this very talented mom has too much time on her hands.

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