Two male dogs in same house?

sweets98October 4, 2006

We're looking to adopt a second dog (I made a post about it yesterday about the adoption fees). DH told me that he would rather find a female because he's concerned with having two male dogs in the same house...fixed or not. He's always been told that they'll still mark there territory. I realize this all would depend on the dog ultimately but what has been your experiences?

I found a dog on Petfinder in the Classifieds that seems to be perfect for us. He's only 40 miles from us, he's still pretty young but old enough he's house-trained (1 1/2), used to kids, used to other dogs, used to cats....the fact that he's a male may be the only thing that bothers DH. If he doesn't find a home within the next week, they're taking him to the pound :(


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You're correct. It depends entirely on the specific dogs involved. I currently have two neutered males who are best buddies and do not mark territory in the house. For several years I had three, but one was so ancient that the younger males didn't even acknowledge him. A few decades ago, my family had three neutered males who got along fine and never marked in the house, as well. However, I have known plenty of alpha males who would NOT tolerate another male in their territories.

Your best strategy is to negotiate with the adopting agency to allow a trial period (three weeks, maybe?) during which you can bring the new dog home and see how things work out with your existing male. If the adopting agency is agreeable, you'd be able to return the dog during the trial period and be refunded your adoption fee if there are problems integrating him into your household.

Good luck with your decision,


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We have two neutered male dogs who, though they're not particularly fond of each other, get along okay and don't fight or mark territory. At our dog park, plenty of families show up with two or more males.

The tough one is our little female. She keeps the boys in line and they're afraid of her, though one of them is six times her size. We would not add another female, but wouldn't hesitate to get another male, subject to the individual personalities as discussed above.

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I had two neutered males that were raised together and were best buddies. At the age of ten, one of them developed some health problems and begin having accidents in the house. This triggered the other to start marking his territory, which doubled my problems.

The dog that started marking is a minpin, which is an assertive breed that has a tendency to want to mark anyway, so this probably played a part. Still, I'm thinking you may have better luck adding a female to your family.

After my sick dog died, we got a female puppy and even though she has accidents, the minpin has never reacted to it at all.

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If your male was intact, I'd worry, but I think the odds are slim that marking will be a problem. I've fostered multiple male dogs and the only marking occured outdoors.

I would suggest you take your dog with you when you meet the new dog..........and if the adoptive dog is still living in his original home, ask them to meet you a couple of blocks from the house, with the dog.

I'm sure you're aware that being told he's housebroken doesn't mean this applies to your home without additional training.

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I have a neutered male and 2 spayed female Chihuahuas,(mother,daughter and grandson).He is 5 years old and still marks in the house.I think it depends on the dog.

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We have one neutered and one intact male dog. They are both adopted and neither of them mark in the house.

Our one boy had a bladder infection and had accidents during the night all over the rug and we haven't had any problems with either marking (of course we cleaned it, my steam cleaner is my fave purchase ever!)

Our one boy even pooed on our kitchen floor (we just adopted him and he was scared of the wind and didn't want to go outside, poor thing) and our other boy didn't mark on it, which happens ALL the time outside.

I was told it is a habit and if they don't do it now then they wouldn't do it with different dogs in the house. We also set up a trial period because we had another dog and wanted to make sure they would get along well. The adoption agency was very nice about this. I told the foster about our dog and asked if the second dog would be a good fit for us and she said he would and she was right!

I do agree with it being breed specific though. If the dog is being fostered ask the caregiver what he/she thinks.

I also adopted our two boys through petfinder. I LOOOOOVE that site. It is so wonderful!


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Actually two males are often easier than two females, make certain both are fixed, keep an eye on them both of a good week after introducing them, MAKE sure you dont muddy the works by feeding one before the other then visa versa- although you should be the ALPHA, we all know that theory does not always work in every household. SO be sure to keep the pecking order in place at all times. I hope this works for you and you let us know what happens...good luck.

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