Update on my new kitty

gibby2015October 10, 2013

I posted a while back about getting a new kitty to hopefully become buddies with my resident siamese cat whose pal died earlier this year. It turned out the new cat was very aggressive toward my cat and I ultimately decided I had to take him back to the fortunately no-kill shelter.

We loved the new cat but decided we couldn't keep putting our resident cat through the trauma of trying to integrate the new cat who would likely never be his buddy. The whole ordeal was traumatic for us too as we'd never "returned" a cat. So then I thought maybe I should just forget this idea of getting a new buddy cat. I decided to make one last effort with a "kitten" as everything I'd read indicated that would likely make for an easier integration.

So I got a six month old kitten a week ago. This picture is from today and bad as I feel about returning the other cat, this makes me feel like I did the right thing.

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Awwwwww.....best buddies! You made all the right decisions.

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So happy for you, Tucker and the new kitty. They look great together, and you absolutely did the right thing. The first cat will be happier in a single cat family.

What is the new kitties name?

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Definitely looks like the right thing to me, too! You can't impose "buddyship" on cats. If it happens, it happens. You found your boy the right match. BIG smile here!


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Her name is Maggie - Mags for short. I haven't had a cat this young in about 35 years. She is fun and very sweet. I'm so relieved that this is working out.

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I'm even MORE pleased to know that she's a girl! Male kittens can be obnoxiously rowdy, relentless, and bothersome to older cats. Female kittens, however, are generally less violently playful and more willing to relate passively with older cats. I think you've made a love match there.


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Ya, it's been interesting to see how she dealt with the resident cats' reactions. She just went about her business and kept a respectful distance when they hissed or growled. She has also been very perceptive that Tucker is the one to try to befriend and not my other cat Mimi who is a very independent prima donna. They are even getting along though, at least as well as Mimi and Tucker get along.

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It was a good move on your part. A stray cat once came up to me about a mile away and followed me home. After vetting her I brought her in the house ,and it was instant turmoil. Since I was only fostering her, I gave her to the group and said she belonged in a one pet house. She found that home and is happy there. My three girl cats get along very well. It's the youngest male who is the troublemaker. He picks fights with one of the females all the time.

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