Converting gas range to propane with kit

ravmdJuly 7, 2011

Does anyone know what we would expect to pay a plumber to install a conversion kit on a Frigidaire gas range to convert it to take propane gas? We have the conversion kit from the manufacturer and my husband was going to do it, but now he is thinking he may want to have a plumber do it. It is for 5 burners and the oven.

We are located on the eastern shore in MD.

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How about an appliance repair person?

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When I did mine it took less that a half hour, so I would think that a professional could do it within the limits of a minimum service call. Agree with hendricus that an appliance repair person would be better than a plumber for this job.

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In many locales the people who supply your LP will have a service person who has an LP ticket (license) and can legally do that job and they cost less than a plumber.

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ok.. will look into that (appliance person or LP service person). upon more reading my husband said he may do it himself. he has done the entire kitchen renovation so i am sure he could handle it . But just thought he may want a licensed person ensuring there are no leaks etc...

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Working with LP can be very dangerous and can cost you a house or a life.

Call your LP supplier... mine charges $25 for a service call and the service person is LP licensed.

Why take a chance?

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Will do! He has gone back and forth on it and it looks like an easy install. But I think we will both be more comfortable starting up that oven for the first time if someone else has done it. The LP supplier is a great idea. Will call them monday.

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All that is needed to do anything is the knowledge and the tools... plumbing or brain surgery.

But remember what Clint Eastwood said in Magnum Force... "A man's got to know his limitations" and in Dirty Harry... "Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya...?"

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For what its worth, I am a plumber and I have a natural gas endorsement on my ticket, but I would not do that job.

Whenever I run into a situation tht requires converting an appliance to propane I call the propane supplier. They not only have trained & licensed personel, they also have the proper liability insurance.

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As a plumber who has a natural gas endorsement on your ticket wouldn't it be illegal for you to touch LP just as it would be illegal for someone with just an LP ticket to touch NG?

I recognize your expertise and admire your ethics.

There are some thing s that are not DIY under any circumstances.

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Under my gas license I may run both LP & Natural gas service lines, connect appliances and make minor adjustments to adjust the combustion air/fuel ratio, but it does not permit me to make any internal adjustments or modifications to the gas regulator.

Converting from natural gas to propane or vice versa requires changing the fuel metering orifice, which is considered a modification to the gas regulator.

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justalurker... well , no I am not feeling lucky! Keep having dreams of our house blowing up! So will definitely hire this one out!

lazypup,what exactly would we ask the person we hire to ensure they are permitted/licensed etc ? It is a basic "GRLP3" conversion kit that gets attached to the nozzles feeding each burner. The entire house runs on propane (water heater, furnace, gas grill, oven) so the propane is already there. Just need to convert the oven to accept the propane rather than the natl gas.And I want them to verify there are no leaks, etc as we did have a plumber previously move the gas line for the stove from end to the other side of the house and also extended the pipe going to the gas grill outside.

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I always call the LP supplier. They have technicians specifically trained to work on the regulators and if you fuel is on a monthly payment plan they will usually break the service fee down into small managable installments on your gas bill.

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THANK YOU! Called LP supplier today and they said that they do absolutely do that type of work (not repair work, but conversion work) . cost ~$100. Peace of mind ~ priceless $$.

Thank you.!!

Going to see if they will connect our gas grill as well. The pipe is there but the hose connection we bought to directly connect the grill to the house propane did not work. (thankfully, i guess!) hopefully they will handle that for us as well.

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I prefer peace and quiet from my neighbors rather than a loud BOOM in the middle of the night.

Glad you got it sorted out.

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Well we are extremely lucky we needed to install a conversion kit and didn't just hook this oven up. We had the propane supplier send out a serviceperson to install the conversion kit and he couldn't believe this floor model oven was sold to us. It was missing a burner tube and the broiler element, so he said if we had hooked it up and turned it on it would have exploded.! so i can not tell you how we thankful we are for all of your advice! I almost cried when he told us..he was really shocked they sold us it.
The oven is going back to the store and we are negotiating with them as they want to refund our,oney. But we have invested delivery of 3 hrs, bought the kit, a griddle pan, a service call, and now had to haul it back 3 hrs. The same oven brand new is $900 and I bought this floor model for $ 500 that was supposedly just mixing the box. We got them down in price but my husband is insisting on no addtl cost after all this hassle and the safey issue involved. Really scary.. Never thought of the risk in buying an oven that was a floor model! So thank you ...!!!!!!!

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