Layout Review - MW won't fit!

socalsisterMarch 21, 2013

Galley layout for small kitchen for family of four with frequent family gatherings of 12; tall skinny family.

DH wants to keep doorway to diningroom. To block view of cooking mess when using DR (used all the time in the summer, all holidays rest of year), we are adding a wall mounted sliding door (can't create pocket due to builtin on DR side) and don't want to lose any inches on kitchen side. The pantry/hutch will have glass doors on top for visual relief since this part of the kitchen is visible from the living room and the front door.

Primary concern:
Is this the best layout for functionality?

Additional questions:
1. Should I keep the raised counter to block the view of food prep from the living room and front door? If so, should it be extended the entire length of counter run? I cut it short to enable the end of counter to be used for serving dishes to the kitchen table (used every day)? I have an 8 inch wide raised counter now and it is a place for the phone--and tons of clutter. People tend to stand here when they come to visit (and block the doorway) but I can't put counter seating here due to plumbing/venting in the wall.
2. Is the aisle TOO wide? Water is across from stove now and I hate it, but on post tensioned slab and venting is huge issue to add prep sink--not to mention the loss of counter and drawer space. DH likes to 'help' with meal prep. If I want to narrow the distance between sink and stove, I would have to sacrifice the extra deep full extension drawers on one side since the they would hit if the distance is reduced.
3. Should the sink stay centered (so that two can work on either side) or should it move toward the wall--i.e., dishwasher right next to wall then sink, trash, drawers near table end?
4. Will the 36 inch counters be wasted space on the stove side since I don't have a water source there? I have seen so many kitchens with tiny counters on either side of the stove. I have 18 inches now and they are too small.

Appliances that I hope to get:
Liebherr CD FD fridge
30 inch induction cooktop
GE single double oven
Miele DW
Want to keep my Sharp m/w but it is HUGE (27w x 20d x 18.5h)--where to put it?

TIA for your help!

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We initially planned to put in a MW shelf under one of the cabinets but it ended up not working out. The MW is quite large and we don't need one so big (happened to get a great deal on it). So the plan is to now get a compact MW and keep it in a "dead corner" that can't be used for much else. Good luck.

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My concern is if the layout posted is the best for the space. If so, I need to find a microwave that can fit in a 15 inch cabinet over a 30 inch counter. The microwave I have now can handle my biggest casserole dish with no problem. Compact microwaves are so, um, compact!

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I'm not one of the layout gurus, but my layout is similar to this. My galley had limitations so that the best layout of the appliances is pretty much like what you show, except that I only have space on one side of my cooktop, and I have a double oven built into the wall at the end of the kitchen. I find this to be very efficient, even with the only sink across from the prep area. I can't tell how wide your aisle is - mine is about 42" from counter edge to counter edge. Yes, it would be better not to drip wet veg as I transfer them to the cutting board, but overall, I'm happy with how my kitchen functions.

Anyway, this will bump your question!

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This may already have been mentioned, but I'd put the microwave in the pantry/hutch area. It's close to the fridge and the table...and out of the main work area.

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Thanks LavenderLass. My pantry/hutch is the most visible part of the kitchen--can be seen from livingroom/front door/family room. It will be shallower on top with bypass glass doors with antique mirror instead of clear glass, drawers on 24 inch deep bottom. I would rather not expose the entire pantry every time someone needs to microwave something (not to mention, no one is likely to bother closing the door). I am trying to find a cabinet depth microwave that would fit in a 15 inch deep upper--not too many out there. I do not want an over the counter model since it is difficult to replace--even fewer out there. Unfortunately, I put my concern about the microwave in the post title heading, but I am interested in the whole layout even more.

What do you think of the layout?

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