Is Kitty spayed or not?

carmen_grower_2007October 9, 2009

Is there any way to tell? We found her when she was approx. 12 weeks old in March. After about a month, our (neutered) male cat started mounting her and we one day saw a stray cat in the yard. That is the only stray cat we have seen around here other than the ones we found as kittens.

She rolls around a lot, but other than these things, we are puzzled whether or not she was perhaps spayed before we found her. If she is pregnant, she is hiding it well -- she is a short-haired cat and very 'svelte'. She, as are all the cats, outdoors most all the time except to eat which is inside the guest house.

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A vet may be able to tell, but not always. I doubt at 3 months of age she was already spayed.

Take her on in, let the vet check, and have her spayed if needed.

Didn't you have another pregnant cat recently?

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People who have their very young kittens spayed usually don't let them become strays, & the facts that she's "rolled around a lot" & attracted the attention of your neutered male & another male & that she stays outside a lot indicate that...

you better take that young lady to the vet pronto!

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No I have never had a cat that had kittens -- this kitty is the one I thought might be pregnant, but obviously wasn't.

I will also say, however that the last litter of kittens we found were all spayed and neutered at three months. Two of them immediately disappeared after we brought them back from the vet. So --- hopefully, somebody took in two darling kittens that we spent money on that we didn't really have!

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I recommend you take her to your vet immediately to be spayed. She's plenty old enough to be pregnant, and if she's outside most of the time, there's a very strong probability that she already is.

The vet will shave her belly before starting the surgery. If he finds a spay scar, no surgery will be necessary.


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Thanks all -- I don't see any scar on her stomach. If she is pregnant, then I will keep and fix any kittens I can't place.

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If she's pregnant, are you prepared to keep her inside with her kittens for 8 weeks until they're ready to be weaned so that she doesn't get pregnant again while she's still nursing (and yes, that can happen)?

BTW, a spay scar is very small and probably wouldn't be visible on her belly until she's been shaved.


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over here in oz they always tatoo the ear when you get a cat or dog spayed so it's very easy to check. I wonder why they dont do that in the US? The reason they do it here is so that if you get a pet they dont have to go for unnecessary surgery if they have already been fixed and you dont know the previous history. Im sort of surprised they dont do that everywhere.

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We found a stray female cat less than a year old - she started exhibiting the same behavior you described as did our neutered male - plenty of evidence she was NOT spayed. Fortunately she was also NOT pregnant.

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