Fostering shelter dogs

deb_paOctober 9, 2010

Does anyone know how fostering shelter dogs works? We lost both our dogs last fall, both to old age. Sam a little mixed breed was 15 and our Boxer was 14. We have been devastated since their loss and I finally feel the desire to have a new dog. Our house feels so empty. I scan Craigs List pets a couple times a day and my problem is I want them all!! I thought if I fostered a dog maybe I could better choose one.

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Excellent idea. My friends just lost both of their dogs and the husband can not stand the idea of another death, so they are fostering. Contact your ocal humane society and find out about their program - or a rescue organization. Be careful about getting dogs from craigslist you dont know how healthy they are as with a humane society dog or rescue organization, they usually take their dog through a primary exam...The humane officer will probably work with you to determine which dog personality works best for your situation....and then boom new dog. By the way fostering 2 dogs is also a great idea since many of the dogs need socialization. Good luck let us know how it goes

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Yes, do talk to your local shelters. They'll help you with focusing on the one(s) who would work out for you. Also go a few times, observe and walk some dogs, I am sure there will be at least one who will steal your heart! Don't rush the decision, though..

Our local shelters here in mid-coast Maine will give you the dog(s) to take home for a week (they call that a 'slumber party') so that you can see if this is a good match... I believe most shelters have a web site where they post their available dogs (not always current..) so that might help you choose one shelter over another one.

Now, if you just want to foster, that's different. You could foster some puppies or dogs that need to recover (broken leg, surgery, abuse..) away from the stress of a shelter. This is also a great thing you can do for dogs... and who knows.. It might end up being more than temporary!

Congratulations for making shelter dogs your priority... We need more people like you!!! and I'm sorry about the 2 precious friends you lost so close to one another..


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There are so many rescue groups and shelters who would love to have more volunteers to foster dogs. Sometimes a foster is the only thing that keeps a dog off death row. Go to and search for groups in your area. Then you just have to talk to them to find one who's policies and philosophies you agree with.

Good Luck! Maybe you'll be a 'failed foster' and find your next perfect pal.

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If you are interested in fostering a boxer, check your area for a Boxer Rescue. I volunteer for Second Chance Boxer Rescue, and we are alwayts looking for foster homes. I'm not sure where you are located, but Second Chance has foster homes in 11 states in the North east.

Good luck. Fostering is a very rewarding experience.

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