Any tips on fecal sample for cat?

socksOctober 9, 2009

I want to get a fecal sample from the cat to the vet, but how is this done so it has no litter?

He said to put shredded newspaper in her litter box. The one night I did that, she did not use the box. I started mixing litter and shredded paper to accustom her to the paper, but what a mess. I guess I'll transition to all paper and see if that works.

Any other ideas? Can they extract a sample at the vet? Must hurt? I don't want her hurt.

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I always just pick a "sample out of the box". Our vet has never asked for a litter free one. I'm sure they can piece from it without litter.

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My vet - a cat-only vet who is very picky - said it was fine to have litter on the poop. It just should be fresh - take it in as soon as possible. Cats that eat good canned food may not poop very much in a day, but collect as much as you can.

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Our old vet never minded if there was litter, but this one seems to mind. I'll keep trying, somehow.

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I don't know why your vet needs one "litter-free", all that is needed is a small portion which they can cut from the middle where there is no litter. Don't spend your weekend following your cat's butt! :-)

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