Traditional Gas Water Heater versus Hybrid?

dontknowJuly 6, 2011

Looking for opinions since I know little / nothing about hybrids.

We have a 10 year old State 40 Gallon natural gas tank that will be replaced next year (hopefully). Our preference is to do it before it leaks / breaks. The 40 gallon tank seems to supply us with enough water as we've never run out to this date.

We are not doing tankless so no need for that discussion / debate.

Is there any advantage to explore a Hybrid versus a traditional tank?

We intend to sell within 6 years and don't mind spending a little more with a hybrid to add another "selling point" if it's worth it. If it's not we'd just replace it with another traditional tank.

I'm not sure if Hybrids are nothing more than fluff or if they really offer a homeowner an advantage since I don't know anyone with one.


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They are good in a hot-humid climate. Go to the DOE web site and find their work sheets. Use your own utility costs.

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