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carriageladyJuly 21, 2012

I recently bought a mobile home that needs repair. While i had the power off to one room the septic tank pump alarm went off and when I turned that breaker back on it went off. Landlord's mother who manages the park for her son denied any knowledge. I turned the electric off again and it happened again. Obviously the septic tank pump is running off of my electric. My question is about how much elecric does it cost to run a pump like this for approximately five homes? It took about 4 days before the alarm went off

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I did web searches for "sewage grinder pump operating cost" and "septic tank effluent pump operating cost". From the results, it seems that the cost would be in the range of $2-$5 per month, per household. Sewage grinder pumps use more electricity than septic tank effluent pumps, and of course the cost will vary depending on electric rates and how much effluent is generated by you and your neighbors.

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